there's no comparison

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(there's) no comparison

This person or thing is clearly and inarguably better than any other. This place serves the best pizza in town—no comparison! She might not be the most sociable person around, but when it comes to knowledge of classic literature, there's no comparison.
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there’s no comˈparison

used when comparing two people or things to emphasize that one is much better, etc: ‘Who is the better player, Tom or Anna?’ ‘Anna is — there’s no comparison.’
See also: comparison, no
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"Why, there's no comparison. It is awfully aristocratic.
In terms of crowds there's no comparison. In terms of size of club there's no comparison - but Craig still chose Blackburn and that was a big disappointment.
(An NAB study concluded otherwise, but it was based on technical standards that existing stations can't meet.) Besides, there's no comparison between broadcast signals, which are limited to one channel apiece, and CB transmissions, which by necessity take place in a common pool.
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