there's method in somebody's madness

there is (a) method in (one's) madness

There is a specific, rational purpose in what one is doing or planning, even though it may seem crazy or absurd to another person. I know you don't understand my motivation for this decision, but after the dust settles you'll see that there is a method in my madness. You may have method in your madness, but these radical changes to the business could still prove catastrophic.
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there’s ˌmethod in somebody’s ˈmadness

there is a reason for your behaviour and it is not as strange or as stupid as it seems: ‘Why do you always read your newspaper backwards?’ ‘Ah, there’s method in my madness — the back pages are where the sport is.’This comes from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet: ‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t (= in it).’
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