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theorize about (someone or something)

To speculate, conjecture, or make guesses about someone or something. Everyone has been theorizing about what the company's next product might be. If I'm going into business with someone, I don't want to have to speculate about them, their past, or their motivations—I want concrete facts.
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theorize on (something)

To speculate, conjecture, or form a hypothesis about something, especially in manner that is abstract or without supporting evidence. These analysts who spend so much time theorizing on the effects of these economic changes will have on the working class have no idea what it's like to actually live through them. We've theorized on several different methods of enhancing cellular regeneration, but it will be many years before technology will prove whether or not they could be viable.
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theorize about someone or something

to hypothesize about someone or something; to conjecture about someone or something. Let's not waste time theorizing about Ted. He won't change. I can only theorize about what happened.
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theorize on something

to make a theory about something. There is no point in theorizing on something when you have all the empirical evidence you need to draw a conclusion. He spent the afternoon theorizing on the origin of the universe.
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Since it is difficult to determine to what extent theorization is more or less complete, a court will find it quite easy to overstep its bounds once it has begun the process.
Through an exposition from a classical Sanskrit text Charaka Samhita (Adhikary, 2013b), it is shown that there existed Bharatavarshiya version of theory and theorization. As discussed in the exposition, the definition of theory outlined in the classical Sanskrit text corresponds to the notion of theory in the strict sense of modern natural science.
Articles throughout address previous criticisms that hybridity politics based on Bhabha's theorizations have excluded material realities in their preference for the cultural and acknowledge that a 'merely celebratory' (p.
All of the essays in this collection, as a whole, point to the need for further theorization and analysis of counterpublic sphere discourse.
It is as well the kind of lyricism that, unpretentiously, caressingly, reflectively, embraces the structures and landscapes, the "presences," of a world already framed, without seeking to weigh down the text with a theorization, a self-reflexivity that, valid as it may be in much contemporary work, also risks bypassing the central visceral and psychological experience at the root of all art or language manifestly focused on something other than itself - and this in spite of its intrinsic "floral" or esthetic gesture.
Clearly, more studies at this level are needed so that generalizations and theorization on the nature of the system can be adequately achieved.
Scott's book provides a theorization of this challenge to the meaning of development by revealing its fundamentally masculine logic.
This project is ground-breaking in at least three ways: 1) its international and comparative approach delivers a fundamental contribution to a growing but fragmented field of investigation; 2) it will deliver a theorization of the role and importance of imagination in everyday life, based on an elaboration of the concept lieux dimagination; 3) methodologically, the project is located on the cutting edges of the humanities and social sciences and applies new methods.
Admitting that a new theory would be pointless, Bozzetto offers a "mise au point" (a present-state) of the history of the genre's theorization, invoking recent scholarship by Erik Lysoe and Jean-Claude Backes that traces the term's origins back into the eighteenth century.
Described as "one of the classics of modern anthropology," the argument builds upon his ethnographic analysis of the Trobriand Islanders of Melanesia in order to construct a general anthropological theorization of law and custom in "primitive" tribes.
The present paper is primarily aimed at discoursing the well developed typology of theory as well as an outline of theorization envisioned in Charaka Samhita.
The social construction of "health" as a category is not subject to equivalent theorization, and it is unclear to what extent the interviewees imagine, do not imagine, or are pressured to imagine their own life experiences within a medicalized paradigm.
This ambitious agenda is dampened by overbroad conceptualization, theorization, and analysis.
Dunn's limited theorization of her voice becomes particularly significant at the end of each chapter, when Dunn re-inserts editorial commentary into her analysis.
Papanikolaou adapts Homi Bhabha's theorization of the process of mimicry from the postcolonial context to account for the subversive potential of imitation in relation to the global mass media, and applies this to the development of Savvopoulos's career.