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theorize about someone or something

to hypothesize about someone or something; to conjecture about someone or something. Let's not waste time theorizing about Ted. He won't change. I can only theorize about what happened.
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theorize on something

to make a theory about something. There is no point in theorizing on something when you have all the empirical evidence you need to draw a conclusion. He spent the afternoon theorizing on the origin of the universe.
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Such questioning will lay the foundation for our theorization of communication as paradox at an interparadigmatic level.
In this section, we describe the different levels of research and theorization in SCM.
Perhaps the specificity of Woolf's theorization of materiality might have been better illuminated by attending more concertedly to the material forms of language, or, put differently, to Woolf's stylization of theorization.
Her theorization of the genre understands marginalized or oppressed groups to utilize the manifesto as a means of gaining social recognition and parity within a putatively democratic culture.
Supporting her claims both by empirical evidence and by philosophical theorization, Marques argues that negation is in fact not lexically ambiguous.
12) Now, I do not believe that these policies were instituted because of mainstream feminist theorization on privacy.
In terms of theory articles, Augie Fleras engages in cutting-edge theorization in his proposal of "multiversal" multiculturalism rather than "mosaic" multiculturalism, while Marie-Michele Sauvageau examines and contrasts the models of multiculturalism and interculturalism (Quebec) in terms of immigrant civic participation.
While this reading of raced subjectivity informs Ahad's work throughout, its conceptualization and theorization is relegated to the final chapter of the text.
His point seems to be that the concept reflects an under-developed theorization of social movements.
Vicuna's theorization of how sound, visual form, and space effect the mestizo poetics that informs the anthology also points to nontraditional "poetry" or poetic practices such as installations, performances, and the Andean khipu (seen in several separate configurations).
Degner develops this problem of signification and coherence, not primarily by returning to Holderlin's theorization of Wechsel der Tone, but by concentrating on the role of tonal and perspectival shifts in Holderlin's poems.
The study opens with a definition of the Romantic symbol which centres on its theorization 'as an attempt, however illogical and methodologically dubious in itself, to foster a sense of the harmony of the human mind with nature, of the unity of seemingly disparate intellectual disciplines, and of the compatibility of individual freedom with a cohesive social structure' (p.
Namaste is certainly correct in finding that too much theorization of transsexuality has occurred in the absence of any understanding of the lived experiences of trans persons.
While valuable observations are made throughout the text, and Mack has clearly done thorough and diligent research, opportunities for theorization and synthesis are not taken, leaving the reader hanging and perhaps slightly disappointed at the close of the first section.
Once theorization has begun, no clear rules exist to terminate the process.