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theorize about someone or something

to hypothesize about someone or something; to conjecture about someone or something. Let's not waste time theorizing about Ted. He won't change. I can only theorize about what happened.
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theorize on something

to make a theory about something. There is no point in theorizing on something when you have all the empirical evidence you need to draw a conclusion. He spent the afternoon theorizing on the origin of the universe.
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Our call for multilevel theorization also has clear and substantive implications, not only for SCM scholars but also for practitioners.
Their versions of causation in Milosevic's or Meciar's defeat also underwent theorization, and usually overemphasized the role of civil society at the expense of other factors.
Section III addresses the assumption that minimal theorization comports with traditional notions of judicial restraint and Ronald Dworkin's criticism of this theory.
The ISIL's theorization and ideology production center is in Haifa (Israel) and its field operations room in the region is the US embassy in Baghdad," Naqdi said in a message sent to the Iraqi people on Thursday to extend his condolences over the martyrdom of the Operations Commander of Iraq's powerful Badr Organization, Abu Montazar al-Mohamadawi who was recently killed in battles against terrorists around Fallujah.
Drivers: analytical thinkers who are intellectually creative and prefer experimentation over theorization
Such endeavors substantiate that the field of communication theory has been witnessing a paradigm shift thereby promoting multicultural and multidisciplinary theorization of communication in South Asia too.
In order to investigate the development process in the Middle East and North Africa, one must go beyond the traditional disciplinary framework of economics, based largely on the experience and theorization of European and North American development, and attend to socio-cultural and historical specificities as central explanatory variables, argue Romagnoli (economics, U.
Buenas noches, American Culture is an important and engaging addition to the theorization of Latina/o literatures and cultures.
Supporting her claims both by empirical evidence and by philosophical theorization, Marques argues that negation is in fact not lexically ambiguous.
Snowsell's theorization of fandom is engaging and constitutes a valuable contribution to reception studies.
As for those who approached the crisis in my country with criticism, theorization and leveling accusations, I'd like to stress that their governments are part of stoking the crisis in Syria, be it through imposing compulsory measures, allowing the travel of extremist nationals and terrorists to Syria, allowing them to cross into Syria from neighboring countries, or arming, funding and sponsoring those terrorists and promoting them in the media,'' he said.
These chapters make for compelling reading--a judicious blend of narrative, illustrations, and just enough theorization.
It is the theorization of social embeddedness of markets, which is missing from relationship marketing theory that forms the most significant contribution of this research.
Still, this is a stimulating exploration of Marx's contributions to the theorization of social-environmental relations.
an empirical case of Korea"; "Technological challenges--case study and theorization.