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a variation on the theme of (something)

A different or unique way of doing, saying, or presenting something that has been done in the past. The new restaurant offers a variation on the theme of the roadside diner, giving patrons haute-cuisine interpretations of greasy spoon staples. When asked why, his answer was a variation on the them of "bigger is better." The anthology series presents variations on the themes of classic genre tropes, such as westerns, Gothic thrillers, rom-coms, and even old cheesy B movies.
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variations on the theme of something

different ways of doing or saying the same thing: Her new book of short stories offers variations on the theme of man’s desire to succeed.
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'Since this is a new theme, this will be unique but at the same time, familiar to parents and kids.
He said they did not want to open just another cafe so they decided to do a experiment in their business with exploring the theme of hit TV show 'Game of Thrones' (GOT).
Families can make the best birthday memories as they get creative in placing the racing flags from the Hot Wheels theme or the pretty and pink accessories from the Barbie theme.
The post Honor kicks off "Global Theme Design Contest" appeared first on
To compare the general science textbooks with reference to which they cover the themes for inclusion of nature of science.
Ahmedabad, India, June 01, 2017 --( AppJetty, a product based IT firm in Ahmedabad, India has recently launched Falcon Material Backend Theme for Odoo.
Discover your theme based on your tastes and personalities, advises Marilen Tantoco, VP for home merchandising and buying division.
Odoo Crafito Theme has been designed in an advanced way with a wide collection of snippets.
The winner from each zone will be awarded a prize of INR 40,000 and an overall national winner with the best theme out of 4 final selections will further win an additional INR 40,000.
Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, chairman of International Expo Consults (IEC) and organiser of the Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure (Deal) show, said the increase of theme parks based on movie franchises reflects international stakeholders' interest in the Middle East's amusement and leisure industry.
Development of a world-class Universal theme park in Beijing has been approved by the Chinese central government.
It's similar for Jeff Beal who prefers "storyline themes" in his music for "House of Cards": "Those long story arcs have their own sound, their own musical expression," he says.
"The Theme Shop already offers a wide variety of themes centered on the beloved characters of LINE," said Greg Kim, Senior Manager of LINE Plus Corporation.
For iOS 7 themes to work on iOS 7 devices and the iPhone 5S with an Apple A7 processor, jailbreak users need the latest version of WinterBoard for iOS 7.