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a variation on the theme of (something)

A different or unique way of doing, saying, or presenting something that has been done in the past. The new restaurant offers a variation on the theme of the roadside diner, giving patrons haute-cuisine interpretations of greasy spoon staples. When asked why, his answer was a variation on the them of "bigger is better." The anthology series presents variations on the themes of classic genre tropes, such as westerns, Gothic thrillers, rom-coms, and even old cheesy B movies.
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variations on the theme of something

different ways of doing or saying the same thing: Her new book of short stories offers variations on the theme of man’s desire to succeed.
See also: of, on, something, theme, variation
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Theme Five: Modify Model to Fit Institutional Context Building upon finding four is that case study institutions had a working knowledge of evidence-based prevention practices is the emerging reality that these practices must be adopted in context.
This does not affect investigators using them to develop interrogation themes because any theory that presents the illicit behavior as reasonably acceptable to the suspect constitutes a useful tool.
A third theme was that advocacy efforts might be seen as stemming from an underlying ethical belief system or philosophy.
In addition, a theme line gives people a short-form, easily memorized explanation of what makes your camp different and thus desirable.
The fourth step involves the counselor and client working together to extend the client's life theme into the future (Savickas, 1995).
A theme is a "bottom line" reaction which develops from asking oneself, "What is this case about?