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get (one's)

1. To receive the due punishment (for something) that one deserves. Don't worry about those stool pigeons, we'll make sure they get theirs when the time is right. She cheated off me during the test? Oh, she'll get hers, alright!
2. To become wealthy or financially successful. After growing up in poverty, Jim was determined to get his no matter what it took.
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be (one's) for the asking

To be available for one to easily obtain or achieve. With your famous parents, any job is yours for the asking. Some of us, though, actually have to apply for jobs.
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be (one's) for the taking

To be available for one to easily obtain or achieve. With your famous parents, any job is yours for the taking. Some of us, though, actually have to apply for jobs. Our probable valedictorian has been pretty distracted lately, so I think the title is yours for the taking.
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theirs not to reason why

It is not someone's position or place to question or defy a situation, order, or the way things are done. Taken from a line from Lord Alfred Tennyson's 1854 poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade," describing the British cavalry as they obeyed orders to ride into certain death in the Crimean War. Can also be phrased as "ours not to reason why." It is a difficult balance to strike. We must have well trained soldiers who obey orders, theirs not to reason why, yet we can't have those willing to perpetrate war crimes or follow foolish orders to their own deaths, either.
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(one's) for the asking

Available for one to obtain or achieve without any effort (because or as if one simply has to ask to be given something). With your famous parents, any job is yours for the asking. Some of us, though, actually put in the time and effort to get the jobs we want. As I promised, you can pick anything in the store you'd like to take home with you—it's yours for the asking.
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beat (something) all to pieces

To be exceptionally better than something else. The sequel was pretty good, but I still think the original beats it all to pieces. I have used dozens of different cameras during my career, but I have to say that this one beats them all to pieces.
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foot in the door, get one's

Achieve an initial stage; succeed with a first step. For example, I think I could do well in an interview once I get my foot in the door with an appointment. This term alludes to the door-to-door salesperson or canvasser who blocks the door with one foot so it cannot be closed.
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theirs (or ours) not to reason why

it is not someone's place to question a situation, order, or system.
This phrase comes from Tennyson's poem ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ ( 1854 ), which describes how, in a notorious incident in the Crimean War, the British cavalry unquestioningly obeyed a suicidal order to ride straight at the Russian guns.
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References in classic literature ?
Bad enemies are they: nothing is more revengeful than their meekness.
The more he came to know them, the more they vindicated their superiority, the more they displayed their mysterious powers, the greater loomed their god-likeness.
For their two faces were alone with the other flowers.
He scoffed at them as adventures, mountebanks, sideshow riffraff, dime museum freaks; he assailed their showy titles with measureless derision; he said they were back-alley barbers disguised as nobilities, peanut peddlers masquerading as gentlemen, organ-grinders bereft of their brother monkey.
When they came to recite their lessons, not one of them knew his verses perfectly, but had to be prompted all along.
They are trained in this art from their youth, and are not always of noble birth, or liberal education.
Besides, one might suppose that books, like their authors, improve by travel-their having crossed the sea is, with us, so great a distinction.
In these last-mentioned haunts you see only sailors; but in New Bedford, actual cannibals stand chatting at street corners; savages outright; many of whom yet carry on their bones unholy flesh.
Even the Cock-lane ghost had been laid only a round dozen of years, after rapping out its messages, as the spirits of this very year last past(supernaturally deficient in originality) rapped out theirs.
The rapidity of the Russian pursuit was just as destructive to our army as the flight of the French was to theirs.
Indeed, sir, there never was any misery like theirs.
My parents are this lord's vassals, lowly in origin, but so wealthy that if birth had conferred as much on them as fortune, they would have had nothing left to desire, nor should I have had reason to fear trouble like that in which I find myself now; for it may be that my ill fortune came of theirs in not having been nobly born.
His nerves carried messages more quickly than theirs; his mental processes, culminating in acts of will, were quicker than theirs; his muscles themselves, by some immediacy of chemistry, obeyed the messages of his will quicker than theirs.
But theirs was "the better fortitude of patience and heroic martyrdom.
THE Gallant Crew at a life-saving station were about to launch their life-boat for a spin along the coast when they discovered, but a little distance away, a capsized vessel with a dozen men clinging to her keel.