(one's) next of kin

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(one's) next of kin

One's closest living relative. Now that the body has been identified, we'll have to notify his next of kin of his death. The will specifies that her next of kin will be entitled to her entire estate.
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one's next of kin

one's closest living relative or relatives. The police notified the dead man's next of kin. My next of kin lives 800 miles away.
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your ˌnext of ˈkin

(formal) your closest living relative or relatives: The hospital need to contact her next of kin — she is very ill indeed.This form must be signed by your next of kin.
Kin is an old word for your family or your relatives.
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This is because the right to sue for a breach of confidentiality or invasion of privacy vests in deceased persons during their lifetime, and not in their next of kin or executors after their death.
In the meantime Sri Lanka's Ministry of External Affairs has set up an information desk at the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry to provide information to Sri Lankan nationals who wish to ascertain the wellbeing of their next of kin in Japan, following the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan today (11th March 2011).
The press release revealed that tthose who are unable to obtain information about their next of kin in Japan following this calamity may contact the Consular Affairs Division on the following telephone numbers:
The patients in the earlier study were asked if they were willing to let us contact their next of kin regarding participation in this study.
The SQOL has been used in several previous studies that concerned healthy groups (student nurses, people looking for work), psychiatric outpatients, chronic psychiatric patients, patients with lesions after bacterial meningitis, patients with MS, patients with muscular dystrophies and their next of kin, and patients with low-grade glioma and their next of kin (Bostrom & Ahlstrom, 2005; Edvardsson & Ahlstrom, 2009; Eklund, 1996, 1999; Hugosson et al.
FORMAL lines of communication between jockeys injured on the racecourse and their next of kin were opened up for the first time yesterday, thanks to an initiative driven by the Professional Jockeys' Association and the Racecourse Association.
But the majority of the records of non-famous Americans will be available only to the veterans or their next of kin, he said.
An idea from a UK paramedic for people to keep details of their next of kin on their mobile phone is reported to have flourished following the bombings in London, UK on 7 July 2005.
The campaign, introduced in May, calls for people to add contact details for their next of kin under the contact name "ICE" (In Case of Emergency).
The identities of the victims, both Valley residents, were being withheld pending notification of their next of kin.
THE High Court ruled yesterday that a childless couple's estate, worth pounds 100,000, should be passed on to their next of kin.
2007) were asked if they were willing to allow researchers to contact their next of kin regarding participation in this study; those who said yes provided the name and address of this person.
Faciane declined to release the names of the people who died because their next of kin had not been contacted.
Members also work with officers to make sure they are aware of their insurance benefits and have listed their next of kin as beneficiary.
More than anything, the campaign aims to get people to share their decision to become a donor with their next of kin.