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Fans raced to the conclusion that today could be their lucky day with #TS6 - marking her sixth album - trending on Twitter.
Insp Dave Morrison said: "People may think if they find cash left behind at a till that it's their lucky day and they can pocket it.
It is their lucky day if it is left insecure and they can get easy access to the premises.
For the first 100 people through the doors of Miss Sixty and Energie, Friday the 13th was their lucky day.
Across the nation, couples have staked their lucky day with seven-course receptions, seven kinds of flowers, seven-seven cocktails and No.
He said: "They were sold off to various people who must have thought it was their lucky day.
In a survey that asked consumers their view of Porsche 911 drivers, only 27% of respondents declared them to be "cool"; but in sharp contrast, 89% agreed it would be their lucky day if they were given an unexpected chance to drive that car.