(one's) better half

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(one's) better half

One's significant other (typically one's spouse). Oh, there's my better half! Honey, come say hi to some of my work friends! A: "Wait, Jennie is Ken's better half?" B: "Oh yeah, they've been married for years."
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one's better half

Fig. one's spouse. (Usually refers to a wife.) I think we'd like to come for dinner, but I'll have to ask my better half. I have to go home now to my better half. We are going out tonight.
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better half

1. Also, better part. The larger amount or majority of something, as in I won't be long; the better half of this job is complete, or I have spent the better part of my life in this city. Sir Philip Sidney used the first term in Arcadia (1580): "I ... shall think the better half of it already achieved." The variant appears in a well-known proverb, discretion is the better part of valor.
2. Also, my better half. One's (my) spouse, as in I'm not sure if we can go; I'll have to check with my better half. Originally this expression meant "a close friend or lover," and by the 16th century it referred to either a wife or lover. Sidney used it in this way, again in Arcadia: "My dear, my better half (said he), I find I must now leave thee." Today it tends to be used lightly for either husband or wife. "Late 1500s"
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your better half

your husband or wife. humorous
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your better/other ˈhalf

(informal, humorous) your wife or husband: I’ll have to ask my better half about that.
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one’s better half

n. one’s wife, and occasionally, one’s husband. My better half disapproved of the movie.
See also: better, half
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London, Nov 30 ( ANI ): Most men consider their better half to be more attractive than them, it has been revealed.
Cats a creepin' in the dark, Make their territorial mark, guard dogs sleepin' on the hearth, Dreamin' of their better half.
And people with no love of the game are buying a second set - for when their better half is glued to the telly after the finals kick off next month.
In fact, one in four people surveyed said that they haven't been able to get away and relax with their better half even once in the past year.
London, Nov 30 ( ANI ): Most men consider that their better half is more attractive than them, it has been revealed.