the spoken/written word

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spoken word

A type of poetry that is read aloud in a performance. I'll be reading some of my spoken word poetry tonight at the coffee house, if you want to stop by.
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the spoken/written ˈword

the language, in speaking/writing: The spoken word is often very different from the written word.
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References in classic literature ?
Heaven knows what gaudy sentimental parade we made in our borrowed plumes, but if the travesty had kept itself to the written word it would have been all well enough.
He may be uneducated, but he certainly knows how to express the significance of the written word.
Nothing, but that it is full of the Written Word - books and papers in which they wrote, and strange instruments, as of worship.
I do not like to handle the Written Word in that fashion.
In order to destroy the written word, a torch and a Turk are sufficient.
In silence he ran his cold eyes over the written words.
She again returned to writing on her slate--again showed the written words to Blanche.
Hester Dethridge put her back in Blanche's arms--considered a little with herself--returned to writing on her slate--and held out the written words once more:
We have only the written words of those who have gone before, to show us the cities and the empires that have been, to teach us the reasons why they decayed and crumbled away.
The proliferation of written texts in conjunction with the importance of the Eucharist in the novel aligns the written word with the most sacred and mysterious sacrament.
The Written Word HOW times have changed In sending messages and greetings From the humble written word - sadly it's almost obsolete It's now a text message or a call from the mobile Sent I'm sure, with the best of intentions Yet it's not as personal as the written word on paper The written word to me has a special power, way beyond the spoken word Why?
The external structure of the new cultural venue, The Word, the North East Centre for the Written Word, is now complete and work is underway to fit it out.
Palimpsest: A History of the Written Word considers why writing exists, what it means in human culture, and how it has evolved from myth and technology to become an intrinsic part of human culture.
Critique: Informed and informative, "Expressive Writing: Words that Heal" is ideal for non-specialist readers wanting to learn how to express themselves through the written word.
The annual celebration of the written word encourages people to read for pleasure and aims to improve literacy, bring communities together and distribute books to new readers.