the worst of both/all worlds

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the worst of both worlds

The worst or least desirable attributes of two different things, situations, or circumstances. The negative version of the more common "best of both worlds." This car gets terrible gas mileage and it doesn't handle well in bad weather—it's the worst of both worlds!
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the worst of both worlds

COMMON If you have the worst of both worlds, you have all the problems and disadvantages of two different things without any of the advantages. Some might say that this gives you the worst of both worlds — none of the comfort of a car with none of the convenience of a motorbike.
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the worst of ˈboth/ˈall (possible) worlds

all the disadvantages of every situation: Rail passengers feel that they are getting the worst of both worlds — expensive fares and an unreliable service. OPPOSITE: the best of both/all (possible) worlds
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Speaking to the Press and Journal after the trip, he said: "The prospect of a Tory Brexit deal would be a disaster for Scotland's interests and would deliver the worst of all worlds for our vital fishing communities.
MPs must hold their nerve to reject the worst of all worlds.
"But the worst of all worlds is when you get the big picture right and trip up over a detail.
The system we have now is the worst of all worlds. Politicians rely upon (and work for) 'bundlers' who accumulate massive amounts of capped donations but who only show up as donating the small max on the campaign disclosure filings while we allow unlimited sums of money to be funneled into 'educational non-profits' that are clearly fronts for partisan organizations completely anonymously."
"It's the worst of all worlds on the trade balance.
"I am of the same view as Sir Bryan that home information packs have turned out to provide the worst of all worlds in a slack housing market," said Ms Lees.
A LEADING Midland property lawyer has endorsed the findings of a major report that Home Information Packs are not working and are "the worst of all worlds".
'At present we have the worst of all worlds: secrecy, lack of accountability to Parliament, with MPs and ministers unable to go into proceedings, a climate of suspicion and breaches of anonymity.'
"If Congress ends up defining the standards of protections, I think that's the worst of all worlds," he says.
Complaining of having "the worst of all worlds", he lamented that he and other Home Office ministers are blamed for any rise in crime, even though police forces have operational independence.
He said: "The worst of all worlds would be to end up with a piece of unworkable legislation that would have serious consequences for people who make a living in the countryside, for the safety of walkers and for wildlife and livestock."
Do we now have, as some say, the worst of all worlds in the arena of child welfare?
Those who write smokescreens to this newspaper in the hope that voters will believe that it was all the fault of the coalition parties in opposition are those who would give us the worst of all worlds: New Labour capitalism and North Korean news management.
"It's in the country's interest that this Government is got out of office quickly, we have the worst of all worlds now."