the worm turns

the worm has turned

A person or group of people is retaliating or refusing to put up with agitation or mistreatment. With the dictator in hiding and the oppressed population taking control, it seems that the worm has turned. I used to get awful verbal abuse from my last boss, but the worm has turned and now I'm starting up my own rival company.
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the worm turns

Even quiet, submissive people will get angry if you continually agitate them. Sweet little Janine is going to snap at you if you keep bugging her—the worm turns.
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worm turns, the

Also, the worm has turned. Even a very tolerant person will one day lose patience. For example, He bullied his assistant for years, but one day the worm turned and he walked out without notice, taking along his best clients . This expression comes from the proverb Tread on a worm and it will turn, first recorded in John Heywood's 1546 collection.
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the ˌworm ˈturns

(informal) even a patient, calm person will get angry if they are repeatedly badly treated: He’s often rude to his secretary and she doesn’t say anything — but one day the worm will turn.
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References in classic literature ?
You've made a poor sort of creature of me, but even the worm turns, you know.
The worm turns, as we know it will -- Lily James, a likeable Cinders, brings down the house with her dignified "You never have been, and never will be, my mother
Among his recent compositions are Nerdwell: From Clod to King and As the Worm Turns, both chamber operas; and Psalm 121, for choir and published by Concordia Press.
Yet when the worm turns, and it is turning, our sycophant colleagues and their hip theologians will discover that the leftwing friends they have been ardently courting will abandon them.
Being the aggressor is not an emblem of strength but a sign of insecurity and a fear of what will happen when the worm turns.
It's something the young TV performers will carry with them whichever way the worm turns.
As he tries to find his way in New York and makes his first tentative steps onto the stage, his jealousy of Guy, who keeps turning up like a bad penny, festers with his rival seemingly getting the upper hand professionally and personally, until the worm turns.
If you are in the public eye and lap up the good publicity, then tough luck when the worm turns.
Well, sometimes the worm turns and goes in another direction," said Peter Ackermann, who has been Oaks Christian's softball coach since the beginning.
A theme running through the unfussy set - there are no guitar pyrotechnics - is the systematic erosion of our rights, particularly on the title track, in which the worm turns.
The worm turns when Curly decides he's had enough of Audrey's flighty manner and stands for the council himself.
The worm turns very slowly, making only about 4 revolutions per hour.