a/the world of difference

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a world of difference

1. A stark contrast. There's a world of difference between high school classes and college classes.
2. A vast improvement. A fresh coat of paint has made a world of difference in that old house.
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a/the ˈworld of difference (between A and B)

(informal) a lot of difference (between A and B): There’s a world of difference between ‘speed’ and ‘haste’.
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Giving people more time, using clear language and being more patient can make the world of difference to the lives of many autistic people.
Vodafone Qatar has named Fahad Mohamed al-Naimi as its chosen participant in the World of Difference initiative for 2015.
Now in its fifth year, the World of Difference is an initiative under Vodafones corporate social responsibility programme.
Under the World of Difference programme, 25 Vodafone India employees, selected after a rigorous application process, were given a unique opportunity to work for an NGO of their choice, for a period of 8 weeks.
If you can call in for a chat to make sure they are well and to offer them some company, it can make the world of difference.
The award will be handed out during the World of Difference Awards Dinner to be held as part of the TIAW Global Forum at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, said a release.
Delivered by the Vodafone Foundation, the World of Difference programme not only allows winners to work in the charity sector, giving valuable time to often understaffed organisations, but it also offers them opportunity to develop new skills and gain valuable experience.
For those that have always had the yearning to lend their talents to charity but haven't had the time or the financial support, the World of Difference can really open up new opportunities.
Jen Pharaoh did a two-month placement with local charity Coco last year as part of the World of Difference scheme.
He said: "There is no negativity here as we are only focusing on going to a Queen of the South v Partick Th club I know well and earning a win which could make the world of difference to us.
The World of Difference International programme is open to anyone over the age of 18 with passion, drive and commitment.
Cllr Ron Round, chair of the city region cabinet, said: "Being employed makes the world of difference to people's quality of life as well as their families.
One of her latest entries, The World of Difference contest, sponsored by chipmaker Intel and the Small Business Technology Institute, pushed her to explore what technology could do to improve her company's operations.
Defensively, he's in your face, and he doesn't back down to anybody, and that's what makes the world of difference.
Minister Margaret Hodge said: "Simple things, like regularly reading to babies, makes the world of difference and the parent's role can be more important than that of the teachers.