the small hours

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the small hours (of the night/morning)

The very early hours after midnight. I was studying for the exam until the small hours of the morning, and now I can barely keep my eyes open! We all danced until the small hours of the night. I love the small hours, when few are awake and one can be alone with one's thoughts.
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the small hours (of the night)

 and the wee hours (of the night)
the hours immediately after midnight. The dance went on into the small hours of the night. Jim goes to bed in the wee hours and gets up at lunchtime.
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the small hours


the wee hours

COMMON The small hours or the wee hours is the time from one o'clock in the morning until about five or six o'clock in the morning. They were arrested in the small hours of Saturday morning. That first night back, Jennifer and I sat up in bed talking into the wee hours.
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the (wee) small hours

the early hours of the morning immediately after midnight.
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the ˈsmall/ˈearly hours

(also the wee (small) ˈhours) the period of time very early in the morning, soon after midnight: He died in the early hours of Saturday morning.We stayed up talking into the small hours.
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Delhi Traffic Police in its overnight drive that ended in the wee hours on Saturday issued 1,774 challans to traffic rule violators and seized close to 200 vehicles.
SIALKOT -- Unprovoked firing by Indian Security Forces in border villages along Sialkot Working Boundary, killed Muhammad Iqbal (45) and injured four others including three women in the wee hours of Sunday.
DERA BUGTI -- Two pipelines of Sui gas have been blown up in Loti and Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti in the wee hours of Wednesday, suspending gas supply to plant from the wells.
Insiders also claimed that the 36-year-old singer was smiling and stayed into the wee hours to enjoy the show.
The four robbers travelling in a car intercepted the two employees' vehicle near Sankari toll gate, about30 km from here, in the wee hours.
The cadres of Daula Dalam of Maoists were gunned down by a joint team of COBRA battalion, CRPF and district force in the jungle of Kachora village in the wee hours, Narayanpur Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) NK Sahu was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India (PTI).
Summary: A five-month-old baby boy who fell off his mothers' hands while on an escalator at the Sharjah airport in the wee hours on Sunday died hours later at Al Qasimi Hospital.
RAPPER 50 Cent had a lucky escape when a monster Mack truck rammed into the back of his bullet-proof SUV in New York in the wee hours yesterday.
An empty tank truck overturned in the wee hours Wednesday on the main Trakiya highway in Bulgaria, near the second largest city of Plovdiv.
Diwanyiyah meetings, start following the Ramadan night prayers and last to the wee hours, include social activities and discussions over a large array of topics, Al-Hazeem noted.
Al-Falah DSP Shafi Rind said Mukesh Norumal shot himself on the upper torso in the wee hours of Sunday.
The snow, which started in the wee hours and got heavier in the morning, covered most of the Chinese capital, capping roofs and lawn in every neighborhood.
I wept my way through my first hearing of this as I nursed my firstborn son in the wee hours of the morning.
prepare to be awakened in the wee hours by booze-fueled frivolity.
The idea for his project came to him one night, abruptly awakening him from sleep in the wee hours.