the upshot (of something)

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the upshot (of something)

The final or resulting outcome, conclusion, or consequence (of something). The upshot of this merger is that the company will now control nearly 50% of the world's television networks. I was forced to move back home with my parents after I lost my job, the upshot being that we finally had to confront the issues that had driven a wedge between us for so many years.
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upshot of something

Fig. the result or outcome of something. The upshot of my criticism was a change in policy. The upshot of the argument was an agreement to hire a new secretary.
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the upshot

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the upshot (of something)

n. the result of something; the outcome of something. The upshot of it all was that we don’t get the new coffeepot.
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References in classic literature ?
The upshot of the experiment, so far as she was concerned, was that she had quarrelled with her companion, and had gone off in search of her husband, on which search she was embarked at the moment of my encountering her.
The upshot of all this was that when Boxtel, who watched the course of political events much more attentively than his neighbour Cornelius was used to do, heard the news of the brothers De Witt being arrested on a charge of high treason against the States, he thought within his heart that very likely he needed only to say one word, and the godson would be arrested as well as the godfather.
The upshot of the business was, that Kit, after weighing the matter in his mind and considering it carefully, promised, on behalf of his mother, that she should be ready within two hours from that time to undertake the expedition, and engaged to produce her in that place, in all respects equipped and prepared for the journey, before the specified period had expired.
But considering that it would not become him, nor be right, to begin any new emprise until he had established Micomicona in her kingdom, he was constrained to hold his peace and wait quietly to see what would be the upshot of the proceedings of those same travellers; one of whom found the youth they were seeking lying asleep by the side of a muleteer, without a thought of anyone coming in search of him, much less finding him.
The upshot of them was a decision to com-bine our search for Dian with an attempt to rebuild the crumbled federation.
"But the upshot of it all - of my thinking and reading and loving - is that I am going to move to Grub Street.
The upshot of the affair was that she accompanied me next morning.
King, who during the colloquy had hardly removed his eyes from the stranger's face and had not spoken a word, consented with a nod to act for Rosser, and the upshot of it was that, the principals having retired, a meeting was arranged for the next evening.
The upshot of all this is that planning departments are under pressure to offer leeway to developers and so Birmingham is failing to achieve its target of 35 per cent of new homes being at the discounted affordable rate.
Ross, Reeve, Emily and Morgan discuss how legislators might react to a recent shooting incident, the state's approach to the women's health services and the upshot of the recently announced Senate Committee assignments.
Such attempts are intent on averting focus on the real threat in the region emanating from nuclear arsenal of the Israeli regime and its continued policy of appropriating the Palestinians' lands," Head of the Press Office of Iran's UN mission in New York Alireza Miryousefi said on Friday in response to a WSJ imaginary article about the upshot of Iran's nuclear program.
However, the upshot of the nearly two-month-long strike seems to have hit the passengers from the UAE now more than when it actually took place.
The explosion was the upshot of offenders cutting two electricty poles on the site in half.
The upshot of the whole debacle was a morale-sapping total withdrawal from the area regained which would allow the Taliban to reoccupy their lost territory within hours.
The upshot of it all is that both secularism and Islam deny any possible link between religion and reason, but for different reasons: the former because it denies reason's capacity to know anything other than what is captured by our senses, the second because it denies that God is constrained by reason.