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The amalgam of his powerful poetry, impeccable storytelling, and impenitent attitude coalesces to create a collection of poetry that artfully defines the uphill battle faced by multiracial Americans.
We sat down to reporter ( Christopher Harress to discuss the uphill battle faced by veterans like Cory Schuyler and ask if there is a solution to this problem.
From class struggle, to the uphill battle for industrial unions, to the harsh retaliation of employers, to the dismantling of the New Deal labor laws by Neoliberal presidents and the rise of the Neocons, Subterranean Fire explores a fierce battle on both sides for power, wealth, and legitimacy.
The only imagery included is itself in motion: Three large-scale video close-ups of actors line the far wall, each talking head rendering a personalized account of the uphill battle to express personality within a society bou nd by alienated exchange.