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The art world is full of so called experts that drool over paintings and other artworks (The Unmade Bed for instance) and tell us plebs how they are so fantastic and what geniuses they are.
The Unmade Bed: The Messy Truth About Men and Women in the 21st Century provides a fine nonfiction piece that considers changing relationships between men and women in modern society, adding commentary from the author's wife, a successful writer in her own right.
The unmade bed, littered with condoms, cigarette packets and underwear, divided the critics but began the process that saw her become one of the country's most famous artists.
You await instructions from the unmade bed, the unpatched jeans.
Nor has she forgotten the unmade bed that made her famous, stitching slogans on to cotton sheets and woollen blankets.
The unmade bed was surrounded by debris included soiled underwear and empty booze bottles after Emin had lain in it for several days.
I stayed by the side of the unmade bed until 8.30pm, in a sweltering hot mixed ward, dressed in a flimsy NHS apron-type garment, without seeing a doctor.
I'd come home worn out, to be asked if I'd brought him a takeaway and to clear up his mess, before dropping into the unmade bed I'd left him in that morning.
Following on from previous uplifting art examples, such as 'the unmade bed' and 'a pile of bricks', why not a sculpture of a mangled aircraft outside Birmingham Airport.
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