the top dog

the top dog

The person with the most authority, power, or influence in a group or organization. When I was the top dog of the business, I used to charge the most outrageous things to the company credit card. You'll only get a truthful answer if you manage to talk to one of the top dogs.
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ˌtop ˈdog

(informal) a person, group or country that is better or more powerful than all the others: He’s top dog in television drama now.
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top dog

n. the person in charge or in power; a company officer. The reporter tried to get hold of one of the top dogs but couldn’t get past the secretary.
See also: dog, top
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Smith is the top dog here and everyone does what he says." The Scottish Prison Service refused to comment.
To adhere to cohesive marketing and improved customer experience, owners Chad Ibbotson and Tony Schissel decided to merge Lake Mary Car Wash under the Top Dog Express name.
TR and the top dog on the House Commerce Committee.
The Top Dog contest is offering the owner of the winning dog Marriott travel benefits and a 10 percent discount at the hotel's SOCCi urban Italian kitchen + bar, offer available until May 31st, 2012.
A source said: "Sean Mercer has gone from being the top dog at Moorland to a scared little boy out of his depth.
The sum supplements the pounds 4.50 per runner provided from the BGRB budget throughout the whole of 2007, and the pounds 5,150 recently made available to each track following the cancellation of the Top Dog competition, which was scrapped after just one year.
The top dog who will still be addicted to power at any cost.
No wonder I was not surprised to see every top feature incorporated into the Top Dog K9-5 sight.
THE top dog in Carlisle City will be crowned at next Monday's Upperby Gala.
While it is patently obvious that precious few of health care CEOs are physicians, there is absolutely no reason that those that have not matriculated and graduated from a medical school are somehow better qualified for the top dog position.
A TERRIER from Birkenhead has won second prize at the top dog show in the country.
JENNA FARR, 11, of Lythalls Lane, Holbrooks, believes her dog Ebony, a three-year-old Lhasa Apso is the top dog. BECKI DOCHERTY, 21, of Brookvale Avenue, Binley, sent in this picture of her fiance Duncan with their beloved one-year-old dog Buster.
Simultaneous with the Top Dog Contest on Facebook, GUND will run the Most Pinteresting Dog Contest on Pinterest.
However, the board did agree in January that if it ever was possible to reallocate the Top Dog money, it should be guaranteed to be used as extra prizemoney for graded racing, in order to benefit the maximum number of owners and trainers.