the tide turns

the tide turns

Things begin to change (in favor of someone or something). For years now, it's felt like the working class has been the hostage of the rich elite, but the tide finally seems to be turning. The tide turned, though, when the team's star defensive tackle recovered a fumble and ran it back for a touchdown.
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tide turned

1. Lit. the tide changed from high tide to low tide or vice versa. The tide turned before the ship had sailed out of the harbor.
2. Fig. the trend changed from one thing to another. We planned our investments to take advantage of the growth of the stock market. Then the tide turned and we lost buckets of money.
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the tide ˈturns

things change, especially for the better: For a long time there has been little political freedom, but slowly the tide is turning.
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But though this latter view, if she indeed had it, may appear reasonable enough, yet the event did not answer her expectation; for when she was convened before the justice, and it was universally apprehended that the house of correction would have been her fate, though some of the young women cryed out "It was good enough for her," and diverted themselves with the thoughts of her beating hemp in a silk gown; yet there were many others who began to pity her condition: but when it was known in what manner Mr Allworthy had behaved, the tide turned against her.
Instantly the tide turned, and it was by only the barest chance that the King himself escaped capture, and regained the temporary safety of Lewes.
We remained at the public-house until the tide turned, and then Magwitch was carried down to the galley and put on board.
But in time the tide turned and people came at last to acknowledge that Wordsworth was not only a poet, but a great one.
Then, after the tide turned, the wreck must have shifted a little and released some of the bodies, because a child --a little fair-haired child in a red frock-- came ashore abreast of the Martello tower.
At the very moment when he had abandoned the fight, the tide turned. But it had turned too late.
When the tide turns, the wife of the Subedar returns to reclaim the child, who happens to be the inheritor of a huge fortune.
AS performance continued to be positive at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), a top research and investment analyst have mentioned three banks to be wary of when the tide turns and stocks start heading south.
Having some cash ready to deploy not only reduces domestic exposure, it also allows for a quick reallocation when the tide turns.
In his book, Jammu and Kashmir - The Tide Turns, the author, Jaibans Singh, while highlighting these contradictions, also seeks to send out a message of hope for a better future for a badly bruised and traumatized yet encouragingly resilient people in the new millennium.
AS the Tory/Lib Dem loonies continue to tear themselves apart over Europe, Ed Miliband and his Labour Party grandees continue to act like King Canute as the tide turns.
QWHY does the wind pick up when the tide turns? Colin Blackburn Gosport, Hants AIF we are referring to a sea breeze, then this is a wind from the sea that develops over land near coasts.
Most financial institutions pull back on marketing efforts during a recession, but those who continue to invest in their brands tend to come out ahead when the tide turns," said Jeff Stephens, CEO of Creative Brand Communications.
Let's hope the tide turns - and that this boat can make a spectacular return home.