the tail end

tail end (of something)

1. The rearmost part of something. Don't hold your breath—you're at the tail end of the list of applications.
2. The last or concluding part of something. The famous author only appeared at the tail end of the panel.
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(at) the tail ˈend (of something)

(at) the final or last part (of something): I didn’t hear most of the conversation — I only came in at the tail end.
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References in classic literature ?
Indeed, it was such a thundering poor success that it raised wondering scowls all along the line, and a gorgeous flunkey at the tail end of it raised his whip; but I jumped in time and was under it when it fell; and under cover of the volley of coarse laughter which fol- lowed, I spoke up sharply and warned the king to take no notice.
When Captain Hansen lighted the fuse and hooked the fish hook into the tail end of a native's loin cloth, that native was smitten with so an ardent a desire for the shore that he forgot to shed the loin cloth.
The extraordinary timber projections which I have seen in no other vessel made her square stern resemble the tail end of a miller's waggon.
"So that is the tail end of the telegram which Godfrey Staunton dispatched within a few hours of his disappearance.
They said that acute water shortage had hit the tail end growers.
The water theft by the farmers with agricultural lands near the head regulator of a waterway creates acute shortage for the tail end farmers.
Badin -- The shortage of agri-water across the district would be finshed soon and water till the tail end would be assured.
Being at the tail end, these subdivisions were facing shortage of water despite supply of 13,600 cusec in Nara Canal head.
Khatian said despite abundant supply of water in the Indus River an artificial shortage was being created in the tail end areas.
He visited along with caretaker Provincial Minister for Agriculture Khair Muhammad Junejo the tail end areas found also tail end areas lying dry, however, he expressed that providing drinking water was the first priority and then for agriculture purpose.
The northeasterlies will prevail over Luzon and most parts of Visayas, while the tail end of cold front will continue to affect northern and eastern Luzon tomorrow.
Metro Manila and most parts of Luzon will have cloudy skies and scattered rain due to the tail end of a cold front, the state weather bureau said Wednesday.
A traditional belief holds that cowards are most likely found lurking in the tail end of an advancing army.
Addressing an open katchery at a local circuit house, he directed DIG Police Hyderabad and Commissioner Hyderabad Division to set up their camp offices in Badin for extending administrative support to supply water up to the tail end. He also directed them to inquire into water shortage so that action could be taken against responsible persons.
They caught the tail end of the '80s DC hardcore scene and they've got some catchy tunes, although the lyrics that deal with emotional pain, angst, etc, kinda make me laugh more now than I did then...