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When the famished wretches are cut off in this manner from their natural supplies, they are told by their benefactors to work and earn their support by the sweat of their brows! But to no fine gentleman born to hereditary opulence, does this manual labour come more unkindly than to the luxurious Indian when thus robbed of the bounty of heaven.
In his last speech to the Commons, Peel said: "It may be that I shall leave a name sometimes remembered with expressions of good in the abodes of those whose lot it is to labour and earn their daily bread by the sweat of their brow when they shall recruit their exhausted strength with abundant and untaxed food, the sweeter because it is no longer leavened by a sense of injustice."
'We must not accept a society in which unfair behaviour triumphs and outdoes people who earn a living by the sweat of their brow or who lost their jobs in corporate restructuring, and companies that follow the law,' Ohtsuru wrote.
As work wraps up at dusk, the tired youth retire home, heads held up high, with a dignity only those who live by the sweat of their brow can understand.
Miracles do happen; but they rarely come for ordinary people, who eke out a living by the sweat of their brow, doing very ordinary things every day (extraordinarily well).
It is a civil liberty that our ancestors won by blood, reasoned debate and the sweat of their brow.
Sinegal, no longer in daily management, dismissed some Republicans' claims that entrepreneurs succeed in a vacuum based solely on the sweat of their brow.
He said: "Many lesser offenders could be paying back communities through the sweat of their brow rather than getting free bed and board at taxpayers' expense."
They have done their time, they have paid their dues, they have brought up families, and they have worked with the sweat of their brow until retirement age.
The Sweat of Their Brow: A History of Work in Latin America.
During those years not only was the slavery in Egypt repealed but the curse of Adam suspended: they had no need to earn their bread by the sweat of their brow.
In New York, Los Angeles, Miami and other cities, there is an entire class of people who serve by the sweat of their brow, cleaning homes, doing yardwork and fixing things.
"We will not be silent about illegal institutions that are spawning like mushrooms in all areas by the displaced to replace our legitimate institutions, which our forefathers and fathers built with the sweat of their brow, to die on a dark night.
"These offenders should pay back the damage they've done in their community through the sweat of their brow, not have the damage they've caused to their community compounded by us having to pay for their free bed and board."
There were few people in developed economies still earning incomes from the sweat of their brows. Human physiognomy also changed, especially when the Industrial Revolution's full potential was realised.
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