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Dark Horse Merlot, PS8, Tesco your da is the strong, silent type, a bottle of this gutsy Merlot is a great choice.
It would be fascinating to listen in on the conversation considering the former is doing media interviews this season as a favor to his parents, and the latter is the strong, silent type.
The strong, silent type if he comes from Digos, Davao or Rosario, Batangas.
Is your current rewards card the strong, silent type that doesn't keep pace with your lifestyle needs?
If your lad is the strong, silent type like Zayn, who knows, maybe he's been waiting for you too.
The Dominican native is the strong, silent type - affable and easygoing.
While some are impressed by the Flash Harrys of the trade, he prefers the strong, silent type.
Cumberbatch, who reportedly turned down the chance to take over from David Tennant as the Doctor, is mesmerising but I could never resist the strong, silent type so it's Freeman for me.
Gordon is happy to be the more public face of the business whereas Michael is more of the strong, silent type.
STEVE BRUCE spent years being shouted at by Peter Schmeichel - maybe that's why he prefers the strong, silent type in goal now.
Nikolai is the strong, silent type, a careful man, who because of the horrors in his own history of violence, doesn't miss a detail.
He gives the impression of being the strong, silent type but has already forged a dressing room alliance with fellow Scot Darren Ferguson.
MARK HUGHES is the epitome of the strong, silent type but his approach to his new job at Blackburn came over loud and clear yesterday: he will do it his way and pay such meticulous attention to detail that all the onus to perform will be on the players.
Images of the strong, silent type come to mind--The Duke, Clint, Arnold.
Whatever happened to Gary Cooper, the strong, silent type.