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Bulgariaas nominee for Secretary General of the UN, Irina Bokova, remained 6th after the straw poll of the Security Council on Monday.
The secrecy surrounding the vote - the 15-member Council did not release the results of the straw poll - angered U.
A number of candidates and a number of campaigns are making decisions on the straw poll right now and we're certainly making those decisions at the same time.
Why did not the BBC choose to take the straw poll in areas of high immigration.
The straw poll occurred at the end of a Candidates Forum hosted by the Manassas Tea Party.
Two interesting choices--especially considering that Carson only a week or so before the straw poll told an anti-gay group in Illinois that supporters of equal marriage rights for LGBT people were "directly attacking the relationship between God and his people" and could endanger "everything else in the Bible.
There were 23 names on the straw poll ballot, including two Republican governors who were not invited to attend - Christie and Bob McDonnell of Virginia.
The straw poll also found that just over 70% of delegates had sought the advice of employment law specialists in the last year; 57 per cent felt at risk from the employment laws in the UK, and nearly 40 per cent had been subjected to an employment tribunal claim in the last two years.
The winner of the straw poll has gone on to win the Republican nomination only twice: Bob Dole in 1996 and George W.
Iowa Republican Party Chairman Matt Strawn called the straw poll successful, telling CNN after the poll results were announced that it was the "second largest turnout that we've ever had in the straw poll history.
Bachmann's victory in the straw poll confirmed her position in the top three candidates, along with Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and front-runner, and Perry.
The straw poll, conducted during the closed-door session of the 35 member states on the Board of Governors, was held to help candidates gauge how much support they would receive.
Boucher said the straw poll results show a change from previous resident opinions, and could be used to determine which direction would be taken.
The straw poll was taken at a private meeting of the 48-strong Liberal Democrat group.
As Coughlan (2000) shows, if it is possible to have a straw poll before the vote, then there exist equilibria in which voters reveal their information in the straw poll and vote optimally in the actual vote based on the pooled information from the straw vote.