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The individual, in such cases, is nearly always sacrificed to what is supposed to be the collective interest: people cling to any convention that keeps the family together--protects the children, if there are any," he rambled on, pouring out all the stock phrases that rose to his lips in his intense desire to cover over the ugly reality which her silence seemed to have laid bare.
The vast majority are seeking ways to travel to Europe, Canada or Australia and the stock phrase I have been told is: "I want a better life for my family.
I'm not sure the two of them used the stock phrase that Franco apologists used about him "He is a fine upstanding Christian gentleman", nor indeed how that would sound in Welsh, but that was the tenor of the conversation.
It's better that they don't use phrases like 'all options are on the table'," Mehmanparast said, referring to the stock phrase used by Israeli and US leaders about the military option.
I do not wish to build new settlements or to confiscate lands to that end, but we have to allow the residents of the settlements to live normal lives," he said, using the stock phrase for allowing construction to accommodate population growth in settlements.
Whenever New Labour make an error after say losing millions of personal records and more importantly major errors which have resulted in fatalities, the stock phrase answer is "lessons must be learnt".
When you hear, yet again, the stock phrase rolled out by the press office about "having to be responsible in government", you know instinctively that officials within the Assembly are the ones who have essentially made the decisions for these ministers.
That is after all the stock phrase they turn to when it comes to troublesome teenagers.
The referee (Phil Southall) said he made an honest decision but that's the stock phrase these days and it's not good enough.
It's frightening to hear him use the stock phrase of Norman Tebbitt telling people to "get on your bike".
It was, he said, the stock phrase used by the "Brown political briefing team" to "traduce"
No doubt the stock phrases "Lessons will be learnt" and "This must not be allowed to happen again" will be trotted out.
An international agency hired by the Congress offered him the stock phrases and quick comebacks that might have repackaged him as a suitable prime ministerial candidate of the nation's oldest political party.
When the practice environment is so pressured, "getting more from less" and "working smarter" are the stock phrases, and attending conference could provide you with that clinical edge.