the spoken/written word

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spoken word

A type of poetry that is read aloud in a performance. I'll be reading some of my spoken word poetry tonight at the coffee house, if you want to stop by.
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the spoken/written ˈword

the language, in speaking/writing: The spoken word is often very different from the written word.
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References in classic literature ?
The connection between the spoken word and the word as it reaches the hearer is causal.
The Book of Army Management says: On the field of battle, the spoken word does not carry far enough: hence the institution of gongs and drums.
The spoken words that are inaudible among the flying spindles; those same words are plainly heard without the walls, bursting from the opened casements.
In everything save the spoken words I crave she has promised me her love.
Acting on this plan, I filled in each blank space on the paper, with what the words or phrases on either side of it suggested to me as the speaker's meaning; altering over and over again, until my additions followed naturally on the spoken words which came before them, and fitted naturally into the spoken words which came after them.
The spoken word industry in Ilocos Norte started when Juan Miguel Severo visited the provnce, she recounted.
Vice Ganda also gave a heartfelt performance in the spoken word segment of his sold-out Valentine's concert, 'Pusuan mo si Vice Ganda' at the Araneta Coliseum last February 14.
She covers Freud, psychoanalysis, and the spoken word; Breuer, Freud, the talking ladies, and the monograph On Aphasia; hysteria as asymbolic aphasia; the function of the spoken word in The Interpretation of Dreams; pliable words, scenes, and the unconscious; Freud's technique: translating repressed scenarios into words; Freud's theories: repression as gaps in consciousness and the words to fill them; and how Freud talked with his patients.
WORDS OF POWER How powerful is the spoken word, Just listen and that power is heard, Innocent first words help us to give, Love to our children as long as we live.
Hexham-based Sheila Auld will be reading from 'Cut Him Out in Little Stars', the book she wrote about the search for her missing husband, while musician Celia Bryce, who lives in Jarrow, will mix music and the spoken word.
Poetry has moved into a new world, as THE SPOKEN WORD REVOLUTION (SLAM, HIP HOP & THE POETRY OF A NEW GENERATION) reveals.
The spoken word texts articulated a style that demonstrated how intellectual, aesthetically beautiful and socially conscious inner-city youth were.
History of the Word connects the spoken word of history and the spoken word of today.
In this issue, we continue our focus on the era of the spoken word artist through the Def Jam generation, in feature articles and an expanded poetry review section.
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