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You are the soul of discretion. This is likely to be a day of secrets, surprises and the odd upset.
Luckily, somebody can trust you to keep quiet, you are the soul of discretion. This is likely to be a day of secrets, surprises and the odd upset.
'As you know, Leon is the soul of discretion,' he said.
Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) trains Zero and is the soul of discretion, respect and courtesy to the guests in a world between the two world wars-- and he's also a madcap thief and liar.
The Queen, despite being the most famous woman in the world, remains the soul of discretion: still the epitome of Britain''s historic and continued influence which is far more enduring than the whims of any government of whatever political complexion.
He never abused that privilege and was always the soul of discretion.
It's kind of her mess" David Beckham complains about his wife Victoria's "messiness" in the bathroom "Looking back at my teen diaries, it's obvious that at 14 I was sexually rabid, desperate for sex" Actress Sheila Hancock "I am a great believer that the Paul Burrells of this world should be shot" Sean Davoren, head butler at London's Savoy Hotel, who believes that butlers should be the soul of discretion "Enduring an alarming combo of windy chill factor from Siberia and chilli wind factor from last night's Thai curry" Stephen Fry on Twitter
"Kate has been the soul of discretion throughout her relationship with William so she was never likely to speak to the newspapers but Clarence House wanted it in writing.
Barry has two years left on his contract, he has not yet informed Villa if he wants to leave and, as usual, he was the soul of discretion when cornered by the media at Wembley last Wednesday night.
The blonde waitress isn't exactly the soul of discretion but vows to keep Kieron and John Paul's romance a secret in the wake of her dalliance with Niall last week.
Linda is the soul of discretion, never asking clients about their relationships but finding they are often only too eager to tell her of their problems.
Probably because I'm a person of high standing, moral rectitude and most importantly - I'm the soul of discretion.
Most of the clothes are much too eye-catching and are cut for really thin people, but I did see a tuxedo that was the soul of discretion and elegance, with just the tiniest hint of jet beading around the collar and cuffs.
At 22, he is an expert on etiquette, the soul of discretion and extremely dignified.
Compared with the current memoirists' disregard for propriety, Ackerley was the soul of discretion, taking care to paint his clearly fallible father in a sympathetic light.