the sooner the better

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the sooner the better

As soon as possible; right away. Please have compile a report of all our financials from the last two quarters, the sooner the better.
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sooner the better

The sooner something [referred to] gets done, the better things will be. Bob: When do you need this? Mary: The sooner the better. Bob: Please get the oil changed in the station wagon. The sooner the better. Alice: I'll do it today.
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sooner the better, the

As quickly or early as possible, as in As for stopping that check, the sooner the better. This idiom was first recorded in 1477.
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the ˌsooner the ˈbetter

very soon; as soon as possible: ‘When shall I tell him?’ ‘The sooner the better.’
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But you will need to find some willpower - and for the sake of your general health, as well as your sex life, the sooner the better.
Something clearly needs to be done - and the sooner the better - before something more serious happens.
Arrests must be made and the sooner the better. A civilised society must stop exploitation wherever it exists and time must be called on these perverts and their evil practices so that no-one else is put at risk
It's time for a change of government in both London and Cardiff and the sooner the better for us all.
Something more substantial has to be done to deal with missing persons' cases in Ireland - and the sooner the better for all concerned.
Could the council please give us some definite information on what, and when, something will be done - and the sooner the better.
The sooner the better for the Hull boss, who had to endure another night of frustration.
15th April twenty one years ago This particular date haunts us still 96 innocent LFC fans Never arrived home Last year the fans packed Anfield Once again chanting the lament 'Justice for the 96' Shame on the powers that be For taking so long to reveal the truth Better late than never I suppose They say broken hearts never mend Maybe justice for the 96 Would be the greatest healing gift of all For the 96 grieving families The sooner the better (Y.N.W.A.) by Margaret Donnelly, L4.
"The sooner the better," said Pellegrini when asked for a good date to have his squad finalised.
But it is important that she makes a serious effort to get some expert help and the sooner the better.
If "administration" means full disclosure of the club's affairs, I say bring it on, the sooner the better. It's an opportunity to sweep the decks clean, relaunch the ship with more responsible owners and competent officers in charge.
I don't think it would be a retrograde step for Billingham to have an independent council, quite frankly the sooner the better.
It is because it is in the interests of the environment itself, that the privatisation of domestic waste collection, treatment and disposal services must come, and the sooner the better.
People want to see action ( and the sooner the better.
Bring back National Service, the sooner the better.