the smoking gun

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smoking gun

Indisputably incriminating evidence. Likened to a gun that is still smoking after having been fired. A smoking gun was revealed in the form of emails documenting the man's involvement in the money laundering scheme. So far the prosecutor has presented only circumstantial evidence, but she's expected to reveal a smoking gun against the defendant soon.
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the smoking gun

Fig. the indisputable sign of guilt. (Fig. on a murderer being caught just after shooting the victim.) Mr. south was left holding the smoking gun. The chief of staff decided that the the aide should be found with the smoking gun.
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a/the ˌsmoking ˈgun

something that seems to prove that somebody has done something wrong or illegal: This memo could be the smoking gun that investigators have been looking for.
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The neighbor, identified by the Smoking Gun as 72-year-old Elmer Morrison, was about 15 feet away from Brown when he allegedly noticed she had a silver pocket knife in her left hand.
One government lawyer was "shocked" to discover that details from sealed court applications were essentially sitting in plain sight, The Smoking Gun said.
Mathers Briggs filed a 10,000-dollar lawsuit claming his son suffered a concussion and a temporary loss of vision, the damage that was eventually dismissed on the grounds of "governmental immunity," the Smoking Gun reported.
Times posted the FBI "documents" on which it based its Shakur story that allowed The Smoking Gun to discover they were phony.
The FTAA is thus merely a regional administrative arm of the UN, and the Tripartite Committee is the smoking gun that exposes this otherwise concealed subservience.
NEW YORK The Smoking Gun brand is cocked and fully loaded, and now poised to be a key part of Court TV's new investigative identity.
A primary example of this is Exchange's own developer Microsoft, who did bother deleting the smoking gun emails that made them look like pirates in anti-trust court.
You can process the stuff in so many different ways; I don't think that it will be the smoking gun, " William C Patrick III said in an interview with The Associated Press.
com's G-Files are like a box of rich information candy, then The Smoking Gun is a whole truckload.
The Smoking Gun offers documents from American administration and law enforcement agencies, released under the Freedom of Information Act, together with court files.
Because the Clintons, still and all, are banished not; the smoking gun is on display, but the Prez (and press) simply refuses to inhale.
Christie Dawn Harris, the 28-year-old Oklahoma woman who used her vagina as a holster to hide a loaded gun, was sentenced to 25 years in state prison late last month, the Smoking Gun (http://www.
I think we`d all agree that we don`t need the smoking gun to be a mushroom balloon.
Those were the days when the kids had the blues Played barefoot as they didn't have shoes It wasn't their parents who were to blame Though that was no comfort for their feelings of shame As I look around now at the kids of today Who burden their elders with fear and dismay Gone is the joy the glee and the fun To the power in the barrel of the smoking gun No respect for their fathers no love for their mothers They cheat and deceive their sisters and brothers How ruefully sad when they think life's a game As they act out their lives on the streets of shame
com/buster/hacking/john-doerr-hacked-by-guccifer-098742) The Smoking Gun , which first reported about the hacking of Doerr's email account.