the smart money is on something

(the) smart money is on (someone or something)

Something is likely to happen or someone is likely to succeed; it would be wise to bet on or invest money in someone or something. Smart money is on a win by the home team in this game. Trust me, the smart money is on Jill. She always finds a way to come out on top. My financial adviser told me that smart money is on these stocks.
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the smart money is on something

If you say that the smart money is on a particular event happening, you mean that thing is likely to happen. The smart money is on Labour winning at the next election. Note: You can also say the smart money says something, with the same meaning. The smart money says that Jarvis is likely to succeed him as manager.
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the ˈsmart money is on somebody/something

if the smart money is on somebody or something, people with intelligence or knowledge think somebody will succeed or something will happen: This year, the smart money is on Roe to win the tournament.
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