the (hot) skinny

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the (hot) skinny

slang The real or most accurate information or facts. They've hired me as a consultant, but so far they aren't giving me the skinny on what the project will actually be. It's all very cloaks and daggers. So, what's the hot skinny on you and Jake? Are you two, like, an item now?
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(hot) skinny

n. inside information. I’ve got the hot skinny on Mary and her boyfriend.
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The skinny: Even though he's 34 years old, Pavelski continues to dazzle.
I'm not even a sports fan, and I find it galling that the skinny bundle providers don't do more to help people learn what content they'll get ahead of time.
Hundreds of people took part in the skinny dip event
The Skinny on Success re-counts how to: Recognize the stages triumphant people take to realize victory.
The Skinny Mirror encourages each person to take the time to invest in yourself and the mindset of our future.
Think the skinny shamers need to be shushed--or is there much more to this weighty issue?
Lake Okeechobee bass have been gobbling the Gambler EZ Swimmer, Gambler's answer to the Skinny Dipper.
The line includes the Skinny Patron Margarita, with Patron Silver tequila, lemon and lime juices, Minute Maid light lemonade and agave nectar, with a kosher salt rim mer.
The Skinny Minnies had a volunteer trainer in Vicky Smith, who for a time alternated Saturday training sessions with Paul-Scott.
ODD Heather Hogarty and Melissa Gallon with the skinny pig which needs sun cream when it is outside, top
"The Skinny on Bullying: The Legend of Gretchen" discusses the impact of bullying and what it can mean in today's school systems and how it was evolved with technology taking shape on the internet.
Customers that refuse to get with the skinny status quo can still enjoy their 12 oz of soda.
The fashion world records 2006 as the year when the skinny jeans trend was reborn in Europe.
"The Skinny on the Housing Crisis: What Every Homeowner and Homebuyer Needs to Know" is a quick and comprehensive guide to the details of the recent housing crash and how the homeowner or those seeking to buy one can stay smart, keep their home, or attain that dream home in spite of it all.
I've been following the skinny jeans trend for ages.