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give someone (the) rundown

To tell someone details about or a brief summary of a given event or situation. Sorry I missed the meeting this morning—could you give me a rundown of what was discussed? Mary gave John the rundown on the championship match.
See also: give, rundown, someone


The general details about or a brief summary of an event or situation. Please give me a rundown of what was discussed in the board meeting yesterday. I'll just give you a quick rundown before we get started.


In poor health; feeling exhausted and sick. A: "I think I'm getting a sore throat." B: "You're probably run-down—you haven't gotten a full night's sleep in weeks!"


n. a summary bringing someone up to date. Can you give me a rundown on what’s happened since noon?
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Here, we can see the run-down pier and the Grand Hotel on the left hand side and the distant view of Rhyl and Colwyn Bay (with run-down pier) on the other side.
Coun Summerfield's poor excuse is that he was trying to raise cash for the run-down chapels on the site.
An ITV crew will film a short feature on why their project to replace the run-down town centre play area should win the Lottery money.
The BEMF eliminates the time wasted by fixed-delay systems, since it ensures that machine access is permitted as soon as the run-down is complete.
From the east, as you leave the noise and bustle of the run-down multi-racial market area and Broadway's theatre land (now bargain basement shopping land) you are drawn to the square by the vibrant colours and stark geometric forms of the architectural elements.
The revamp of the run-down area around Burton Dean Park, was the vision of Burton Environment Group.