rough diamond

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rough diamond

Someone or something that is unrefined but has many exceptional aspects or underlying potential. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The young actor was a rough diamond. With some training, she'd become a superstar.
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a rough diamond

mainly BRITISH or

a diamond in the rough

1. If you call someone, especially a man a rough diamond, you admire their good qualities, even though they are not very polite or well-educated. Note: A rough diamond is a diamond that has not yet been cut and polished. Marden was the rough diamond of the three, feared for his ruthlessness but respected for his First World War Military Cross. I liked Neil Murphy, who is somewhat of a diamond in the rough.
2. If you call someone or something a rough diamond, you mean that they have talent or good qualities which are hidden or not well developed and could be developed more. Note: A rough diamond is a diamond that has not yet been cut and polished. British first novels are more likely to be rough diamonds, with flashes of inspiration in an imperfect whole. When I heard this lady sing, I ran to the theater, and I said, `Chick, I found myself a diamond in the rough.'
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a rough diamond

a person who has genuinely fine qualities but uncouth manners. informal
Literally, a rough diamond is a diamond before it has been cut and polished. A North American variant of this expression is a diamond in the rough .
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a ˌrough ˈdiamond

(British English) (American English a ˌdiamond in the ˈrough) a person who has many good qualities even though they do not seem to be very polite, educated, etc: Don’t be put off by your first impressions — he’s something of a rough diamond.
A rough diamond is a diamond that has not yet been cut or polished.
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diamond in the rough, a

An individual of intrinsic merit but uncultivated manners. The simile comes from mining, where the uncut, unpolished diamond resembles a hunk of worthless rock but may, after processing, be both beautiful and very valuable. John Fletcher’s 1624 play, AWife for a Month, has it, “She is very honest, and will be hard to cut as a rough diamond” (4.2).
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she was cutting for God the rough diamond rejected by man.
The rough diamond production will increase due to current operations and new projects.
Release date- 25072019 - Underlying EBITDA decreased by 27% to $518 million (30 June 2018: $712 million) due to the challenging midstream trading environment and slowing consumer demand growth, which has resulted in a decrease in the rough diamond price index and realised price, as well as lower margins in the trading business.
Several finished stones may be cut from one rough diamond, depending on the shape of the rough diamond, the cut used and the skill of the cutter.
Ahmed bin Sulayem, executive chairman of DMCC, together with founder and creative director of de Grisogono, Fawaz Gruosi, had earlier noted that a "lot of beautiful creations" would come out of the rough diamond.
Commenting on the occasion, Vince Cook, CEO of NBF said: "Given the key strength that Dubai has as an established center for the rough diamond trade, it is crucial that NBF remains an integral part of this journey.
The firm said trading in the rough diamond market was "extraordinarily difficult" in the first three months of the year, but demand price and sales all began to pick up in the second quarter.
"We are in an environment where the rough diamond market is strong," said managing director Gareth Penny.
From the statistics it would seem that the CSO's handle on the supply side of the rough diamond trade appears to have been keener in 1997.
There has been expansion in the rough diamond demand throughout the product range while cutting and polishing factories started augmenting their operations.
The rough diamond was purchased, through a competitive tender organised by Petra Diamonds Ltd., by New York-based Cora International.
Ever since diamonds have been mined on a large scale, boiling companies have existed to assist the rough diamond trade, said a senior official.
Maryam Al Hashemi, Director of Kimberley Process, said: "Over the past six years since opening the first Kimberly Process office in Dubai, we have seen the rough diamond trade increase by 169 per cent for exports and 200 per cent for imports.
A highly tuned sense of sound and feeling enable an experienced diamond grinder to hold the rough diamond at just the right angle to achieve a smooth and polished surface.
"Market experts assume that growing demand for polished diamonds and a decrease in world diamond supply will be the fundamental growth drivers for rough diamond prices in the medium term, despite volatility in the rough diamond market seen in recent years."