the red-light district

red-light district

An area in a city containing brothels and other businesses related to activities that are typically illegal elsewhere. If you patronize the red-light district, you're essentially subsidizing the sex trade.
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the red-ˈlight district

the part of a city where prostitutes work and sex shops are found: I got lost and found myself in the red-light district all alone!
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In which German city is the red-light district centred on the Reeperbahn?
West Yorkshire Police is also writing to car owners seen cruising the red-light district in a bid to cut the number of kerb crawlers.
The jury was also driven around the red-light district where some of the women are thought to have been when they vanished.
Police patrolling the red-light district of Brussels have been ordered to stop visiting brothels and drinking in bars when on duty.
All five women worked as prostitutes in the red-light district of Ipswich.
In Pompeii sex wasn't something confined to the red-light district.
61] First, in both the red-light district and the company town, the workers had to buy either directly from their employer or an allied subsidiary.
Detectives will flood the red-light district and Drumpellier Park tonight in a bid to trace people who may have been in these areas last week.
A residents' association near the red-light district has offered a room and organisers have appealed for volunteer teachers for the six to eight-month courses.
September in undergrowth at the junction of Crown Street and West Derby Street in the heart of the red-light district.
Officials claimed it was because of the foul and abusive language of their fans but captain Valeria, whose team were chosen from the 200 girls who work in the red-light district of Guatemala City, said: 'When they found out we were prostitutes they tossed us out like cockroaches - it's discrimination.
Rogers even dresses as a Dominatrix, and reveals how some men just can't stay away from the red-light district.
I don't know why they went on to the red-light district.