prophet of doom

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prophet of doom

A person who always warns others about possible negative consequences of decisions or actions. Don't tell Rodney about your new plan—he's such a prophet of doom that he'll completely kill your motivation.
See also: doom, of, prophet

a ˌprophet of ˈdoom


a ˈdoom merchant

a person who always expects that things will go very badly: Various prophets of doom have suggested that standards in education are worse than ever.
See also: doom, of, prophet
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Well, I hate to do a Mystic Meg or even be the prophet of doom but I predict unemployment for some colleagues in the TV World.
Don't think I am being the prophet of doom but your three children are coming first in this one.
Perhaps he could quit sounding like the prophet of doom and take time in prayer to forgive those bishops and priests he so easily condemns in this article.
Due to his clairvoyant skills he became very famous in all of Europe, often referred to as the Prophet of Doom.
THERE must be something of the prophet of doom about Grimsby manager Alan Buckley.
THE prophet of doom who predicted the world would end after the eclipse felt a right dumbo yesterday.