the prodigal son

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the prodigal son

One who has returned after spending time away doing or pursuing something that was not condoned by the family or organization they had left, and who is now repentant for their actions. The phrase comes from a parable in the Bible about a son who leaves his father to seek his fortune and returns humbled. Well, well, the prodigal son has returned. Guess you didn't like that fancy new company that poached you last year.
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prodigal son

a person who leaves home to lead a spendthrift and extravagant way of life but later makes a repentant return.
The biblical parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15: 11–32 tells the story of the spendthrift younger son of a wealthy man who leaves home and wastes all his money. When he repents of his extravagant ways and returns home, he is joyfully welcomed back by his father. See also kill the fatted calf (at fatted).
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a/the prodigal ˈson

(formal, disapproving or humorous) a person who leaves home as a young man and wastes his money and time on a life of pleasure, but who is later sorry about this and returns to his family: All the family went to the airport to welcome home the prodigal son.This expression comes from a story in the Bible.
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The prodigal sons who come to their father's house for the Bread of Life discover this limit if they kneel to receive Communion.
"He is," the writer says, "the prodigal son returned to colours." Does he see them?
The Prodigal Son, like all parables, is an allegory.
The parables of the sower, the Good Samaritan, and the Prodigal Son, among others, are put into a modern setting, after which participants discuss the lessons and ways to apply Jesus' teachings.
He used to be the heart-throb of the Street, but he's hardly the prodigal son when he returns for Vera's funeral.
Saturday's game with Bolton promises to be a welcome home party for the prodigal son.
COVENTRY writer and storyteller Roger Price has turned the Bible stories of The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan into a performance work called Parables.
Brave choreography in The Prodigal Son This terrific company has had a pressured fortnight (Romeo and Juliet last week - currently a triple bill)
The two Pigeons, presented by the Birmingham troupe, may at times seem overripe for today's audiences with its corny story about a young artist who leaves his girlfriend to cavort with gypsies, only to return as the prodigal son. But the partnering of the principal couple conveys a host of emotional responses: longing, disappointment, jealousy, and the joy of reconciliation.
The prodigal son, too, took this journey from dependence to responsibility.
To illustrate the forgiveness of God, Jesus related the tale of the Prodigal Son, the younger of two boys who took his share of the family's wealth, spent it all on loose living, and returned home shame-faced and repentant.
The pieces include A Thousand Years, with flies hatching from a rotting cow's head, and The Prodigal Son, a bisected calf, which are worth pounds 3million.
She finds herself interested in the Prodigal Son Mission and the girls who inhabit it when she goes to check out the place with a man she is dating.
At Latvian House, closing night's mix of Sammo Hung's martial arts flick, The Prodigal Son, with hip hop spun by DJ IXL and DJ Excess dazzled the audience.
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