the poor man's

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poor man's

A less desirable substitute for the genuine item. The local artist became known as the poor man's Picasso. I was happy with my new car, even though my friends called it a poor man's Jaguar.
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the poor man's something

If you describe something as the poor man's something, you mean that it is similar to the second thing, but less expensive to buy or of lower quality. To some people, chicken livers are the poor man's foie gras. Note: People sometimes say that a person is the poor man's someone, meaning that they do something similar to that person, but not as well. Throughout his career Jason Bateman has been the poor man's Michael J. Fox.
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the poor man's —

an inferior or cheaper substitute for the thing specified.
1991 Canberra Times Just as alarming is the prospect of FAEs, Fuel-Air Explosives… known as the poor man's atom bomb.
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New Delhi: Bedroll kits could soon be included in the ticket price of the poor man's no frills AC train, the Garib Rath Express, but it could cost significantly more with the railways considering a hike from the Rs25 fixed over a decade ago, senior officials said.
It's the poor man's Ryder Cup, even though, in golf, there are no poor men.
And a growing community of Seiko modders has made it much more than the poor man's Rolex.
Most of the Poor Man's Plots I built were previously openings and had overgrown.
For the Finns, the sauna was the poor man's medicine.
Gone but never forgotten x tabz Why didn't the emergency services attempt to put safety mats down to try and catch the poor man's fall?