the picture of health

picture of health

One who is or looks especially healthy, robust, of full of vitality. My grandmother is nearly 70 and smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, but somehow she's still the picture of health. It's amazing how having a bit of a tan can make someone a picture of health.
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the picture of health


a picture of health

If someone is the picture of health or a picture of health, they look very healthy. He lay propped on pillows, looking the picture of health, his skin tanned, his jaw firm. Today, Ryan Carroll is a picture of health. Note: Other words can be used instead of health to emphasize how someone looks. He was hardly a picture of elegance. Day after day she came and sat with us and looked a picture of misery.
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picture of health, the

A model of well-being. This complimentary description has been around since the late eighteenth century. Jane Austen used it in Emma (1815): “One hears sometimes of a child being ‘the picture of health.’”
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References in classic literature ?
Why, I saw her--I think it was a week ago--walking along Canal Street, the picture of health, it seemed to me.
His face, besides being the picture of health, had in it the most apparent marks of sweetness and good-nature.
You would think my wife the picture of health if you looked at her, and yet, so delusive are appearances, I am obliged to forbid her all excitement.
Lady Bertram, sunk back in one corner of the sofa, the picture of health, wealth, ease, and tranquillity, was just falling into a gentle doze, while Fanny was getting through the few difficulties of her work for her.
We met and passed many young Indian women, riding by two or three together on the same horse: they, as well as many of the young men, were strikingly handsome, -- their fine ruddy complexions being the picture of health.
But all he needs is a wash and a decent night's sleep and he'll be the picture of health.
The picture of health was first published in 2003 and describes, in non-technical language, the latest developments in health research in ireland supported by the hrb.
2007 Twins Lucky and Bambi looked the picture of health in Cramlington.
DAWN FRENCH: There's no denying she's always been a sexy lady but 6st lighter, she is looking the picture of health.
AMY Winehouse looked the picture of health - for her - on a trip to the supermarket.
An onlooker said: "Colin looked the picture of health and was having a great time.
He may look the picture of health but surely that is a testament to the man's dedication to his sport.
When the Picture of Health contest came up, I saw it as an opportunity to get my message out on a larger forum," she said.
Now the sculpture looks the picture of health after being given a spring clean by experts at Liverpool's Conservation Centre.
Today's ready-to-drink tea options range from overly- sweetened national brands to organic options lacking in flavor, and diet soft drinks loaded with saccharin or aspartame, artificial flavors and preservatives are not exactly the picture of health.