the picture of (something)

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the picture of (something)

The ideal example of something (which is stated after "of"). Yes, Jill was in the hospital a few months ago, but she's the picture of health now. We went running together just the other day. You and your family look like the picture of happiness in these photos!
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(very) picture of something

Fig. the perfect example of something; an exact image of something. The young newlyweds were the picture of happiness. My doctor told me that I was the very picture of good health.
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a (or the) picture of —

the embodiment of a specified state or emotion.
1989 Woman's Realm The…little girl looks a picture of health in her blue dungarees and red boots.
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References in classic literature ?
All these are not only incorrect, but the picture of the Mysticetus or Greenland whale (that is to say, the Right whale), even Scoresby, a long experienced man as touching that species, declares not to have its counterpart in nature.
It immediately suggested the picture of two people sitting alone over the fire; the man was reading, the woman sewing.
Dr Shaariibuu Setev, the father of slain Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, told the High Court here that he has seen the picture of a murdered Mongolian woman together with two men which was produced to the court.
The child who describes the picture of the orange man that he saw at the zoo will learn that the correct pronunciation for the word is orangutan.
One woman stopped with her three preschool children in front of the picture of Malachi, aborted at 21 weeks.
Just as the picture of the bodies on the Fallujah bridge signifies different things to occupiers and occupied, to those supporting or opposing the war, the meanings of images may escape the control of the parties and institutions that deploy them.
At top, I'd place the picture of the red and white Kennecott post office, the heart of the old mining town.
When the wind fills the sails in Sail Away (1995), it does so with a visible "WHOOSH!" in all capitals drawn onto the picture of the sail.
Noting that she and other scientists have struggled to understand how DNA polymerases move a nucleotide and DNA into the proper positions for joining, Joyce calls the picture of T7 a "revelation." She says, "To me, the Ellenberger paper makes everything fall into place."
They put the picture of themselves with their camera at the bottom of their poster, and included their name as photographer.
My husband says that this is the picture of a person but I disagree and claim it is the picture of an ape.
The picture of the figure was dissolving into a multiplicity, a limbo of quasi negativity from which it would not be rescued, only bathed.
Thus, his left brain interprets the picture of the shovel consistently with what it already knows -- chicken feet, not snow.
Dijkstra's Venus has the look and slouch of a Renaissance beauty, to be sure, but she is also the picture of a wary, awkward, late-twentieth-century teenager - half wet, half exposed, half accessible, half grown.
There is no "pride of being" in the gesture in the center of the work of that title, no "value" in the picture of The Value of Pictures, (all works 1993) and nothing "moral" (or for that matter genuinely fantastic) in Moral Fantasia, only the illusion of those qualities.