pen pusher

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pen pusher

One who has a boring, meaningless office job. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Gary was tired of being a pen pusher, so he decided to quit and start his own business.
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a pen pusher

mainly BRITISH or

a pencil pusher


a paper pusher

COMMON If you describe someone as a pen pusher or a pencil pusher, you mean that they have a boring office job and do not make any important decisions. People who used to be called administrators, and perhaps seen as just pen pushers, have been transformed into senior managers. Many of the men who now sit on company boards are pencil pushers with qualifications from top schools, but lack experience in business. Note: In both American and British English, you can also call someone a paper pusher. I didn't want to be just another faceless paper pusher. Note: You can refer to office work as pen-pushing, pencil-pushing, or paper-pushing. You can also say that office workers push papers or push pens. I want our police officers freed from paper-pushing. I'm very thankful that I can make a living from my art, rather than working as a waiter or pushing papers eight hours a day.
See also: pen, pusher
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The pen-pusher who decided Callum can no longer be treated at the hospital best-placed to care for him should be ashamed.
I hope our small voice along with other small voices will make one BIG voice and make the pen-pushers see the error of their ways.
Our hospitals should be taken out of the hands of the pen-pushers and put into the hands of doctors working on the front line.
The pen-pushers and the paper-shufflers and the keypad artists could get along with a bit of tighening up in their working practices.
THE pen-pushers and paper-shufflers in the Treasury are costing us tax-payers dear as they delay making a decision over whether Birmingham should get its so-called super-hospital
I just wonder if the pen-pushers who sit in their offices and think up these bright ideas have ever actually visited either hospital, let alone needed their services.
I think the pen-pushers of Denbighshire might find the answer to both questions is no.
Algeria, in case the pen-pushers don't know, is in the throes of a bloody rebellion by Muslim fundamentalist guerrillas whose party tricks include mass beheadings at midnight.
Once again a life is lost because of the lax attitude of the Ministry of Defence and the pen-pushers in Whitehall.
McConnell has apologised to Mrs Bradshaw - let's hope he's also carpeted the pen-pushers to blame for this bungle.
The good shows they produced were despite the pen-pushers, not because of them.
Get rid of the pen-pushers who are draining the NHS dry, get matrons back onto our wards to rule with a rod of iron, replace inefficient agency workers with people who know their job, and our hospitals will once again be sterile.