the pecking order

pecking order

The hierarchy within a group or organization. There's definitely a pecking order in this company, and you're not going to do well if you don't know your place.
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the pecking order

COMMON The pecking order in a group is the order of importance of the people or things within that group. Offices came in 29 sizes, according to your place in the company's pecking order. The British Medical Association issued a warning that doctors may be forced to draw up a pecking order of operations. Note: When groups of hens are kept together, a `pecking order' tends to form. This means that a stronger bird can peck a weaker bird without being pecked in return.
See also: order, peck

a/the ˈpecking order

(informal, often humorous) the way a group is organized, with some members being more important or powerful than others: You don’t get a company car unless you’re pretty high up in the pecking order.This expression was first used by a scientist in the 1920s after studying groups of birds; he noticed there was an order when birds were feeding, with the strongest birds eating first.
See also: order, peck
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Indeed, most of us have to accept our places in the pecking order, from the rich to the cold and hungry.
Thrown into the current mix are arguments about where the contractor fits in the pecking order of secured creditors.
The 31-year-old is wanted by the Championship side on a month's loan, and with Jamaal Lascelles ahead of Williamson in the pecking order and Paul Dummett able to play centre-back, the Magpies are happy to let the long-serving player out for some game time.
And, despite its huge success on both sides of the Atlantic, playing the lead role in the science fiction show Star Trek: The Next Generation put him way down the pecking order, at least in Hollywood.
Previous studies on capital structure in Pakistan have reported evidence in support of the pecking order theory.
Tottenham keeper Heurelho Gomes has revealed he would consider going back to Brazil when his contract with the north London club runs out next summer after falling down the pecking order at White Hart Lane.
And it was redemption time for the 22-year-old after he dropped down the pecking order during the Six Nations.
He doesn't come very often but when he does all the other birds truly know what the pecking order is.
Pavlyuchenko (pictured) has voiced his desire to leave White Hart Lane on a number of occasions this season after the arrival of Emmanuel Adebayor and the form of Rafael van der Vaart saw him drop down the pecking order at the north London club.
These findings shed light on two empirical puzzles: 1) small firms, although having the highest potential for asymmetric information, do not behave according to the pecking order theory, and 2) the pecking order theory, has lost explanatory power over time.
But he is way down the pecking order and was not even on the bench against either Ukraine or Belarus.
McSheffrey, who has slipped down the pecking order at St Andrews, is currently injured and not expected to be fit until the end of the month when Coleman could attempt to get him on loan.
The Germany defender has fallen down the pecking order at the Bernabeu and Wenger needs to bolster his defence after selling Philippe Senderos to AC Milan and seeing new signing Mikael Silvestre pick up an injury the moment he walked into the club from Manchester United.
Thankfully Il Warrd was one and given the high position he takes in the pecking order at Marcus Tregoning's yard, it was heartening to see the Pivotal colt (13-2) draw four and a half lengths clear under Martin Dwyer.
He wants to play football but is going to be slightly down the pecking order here so we've agreed the switch.