the other way around

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the other way around

(In) the opposite or reverse way. Used either literally, as of a direction, position, order, etc., or figuratively, as of a situation, belief, way of thinking, etc. Sometimes written as "other way round," though this is more common in British English than American English. That clamp is supposed to go the other way around. That's why the whole thing kept falling apart. No, John is the one who asked me out on a date, not the other way around.
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other way (a)round

the reverse; the opposite. No, it won't fit that way. Try it the other way round. It doesn't make any sense like that. It belongs the other way around.
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other way round, the

In the reverse direction, as in I don't think the sofa will go through the door this way; let's try it the other way round .
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the ˌother way aˈround/ˈround

1 in the opposite position, direction or order: I think it should go on the other way round.
2 the opposite situation: I didn’t leave you. It was the other way around (= you left me).
See also: around, other, round, way