the opposite sex

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the opposite sex

The gender opposite to one's own. I still remember the torture of being in middle school, suddenly so fascinated by but at once terrified of the opposite sex. I don't understand this tendency we have right now to demonize the opposite sex as some kind of "enemy" in a made-up social war.
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opposite sex

the other sex; (from the point of view of a female) males; (from the point of view of a male) females. (Also with member of, as in the example.) Ann is crazy about the opposite sex. Bill is very shy when he's introduced to the opposite sex. Do members of the opposite sex make you nervous?
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the ˌopposite ˈsex

the other sex: He found it difficult to talk to members of the opposite sex.
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34 I share things with friends of the opposite sex other than my private life.
According to Gray, men and women live on two different planets and as a result we are often confronted with, or irritated by, incomprehensible behaviour on the part of the opposite sex.
Hawes pleaded guilty to two counts of accosting or annoying a person of the opposite sex and five counts of distributing obscene matter.
There are those who say allowing children to mix with the opposite sex during school hours is bad for them because they will be distracted and this will lead to a drop in their academic performance.
Students at the local university say they are frequently harassed by police if they are seen in public with a member of the opposite sex.
Percentage of Persons Aged 15-44 Years Overall Tested for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) * During the Preceding Year and Percentage by Number of Sex Partners of the Opposite Sex ([dagger])--United States, 2002 ([section])
Later that year, when we had what passed for a sex education class in the 1960s, I wondered why the teacher mentioned only attraction to the opposite sex.
The court held that the officer's alleged subjection of the inmate to a needlessly intrusive unclothed body cavity search in the presence of a female officer violated the Fourth Amendment, but the officer was entitled to qualified immunity because there was no clearly established right of inmates to be free from bodily exposure to officers of the opposite sex at the time of the search.
00) tells of a desirable woman's analysis of the optimum hours for romance and the routines involved in wooing one of the opposite sex.
The reason being is that domestic partners of the opposite sex have the opportunity to obtain coverage by entering into a traditional marriage,'' said Ken Mercer, a spokesman for the Chicago-based company of more than 150,000 employees.
Budding entomologists learn the habits and features of a variety of common insects through colorful Illustrations and text that defines how insects such as ants, ladybugs, and wasps communicate, defend themselves, and attract the opposite sex, Special points of interest bring the insects to life.
THE Opposite Sex is the second in a run of three plays in the Forum's rep season.
An IGLHRC flier distributed at the meeting listed as targets measures against "sodomy, age of consent and other sex act laws, laws on prostitution, laws penalizing those wearing clothing of the opposite sex, obscenity/pornography laws, denial of marriage to same sex partners, denial of marriage to trans[gender] people, laws on parenting/adoption [by homosexuals].
Until then the someone of the opposite sex became a spouse after removing a three-year cohabitation period.
Experiments have proven that pheromones can attract the opposite sex and lead to better sex lives for people who apply a few drops of pheromone fragrance each day.