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Someone who is stupid or dumb. What are you, a newt? How did you get that easy question wrong?

(as) pissed as a newt

slang Very intoxicated. Primarily heard in UK. When I got to the pub, you were as pissed as a newt. Do you remember anything that happened last night?
See also: newt, pissed

pissed as a newt

If someone is as pissed as a newt, they are very drunk. She swore never to drink again. Hah! Pissed as a newt the first night she came back. Note: Other nouns such as fart or parrot are sometimes used instead of newt. The last time I saw him, in Glasgow, he was as pissed as a parrot.
See also: newt, pissed
vulgar slang

pissed as a newt (or fart)

very drunk.
See also: newt, pissed

(as) pissed as a ˈnewt

(British English, taboo, slang) very drunk OPPOSITE: (as) sober as a judge
See also: newt, pissed


n. a stupid person; a dull and uninteresting person. Don’t act like such a newt.
References in classic literature ?
By the lakes that thus outspread Their lone waters, lone and dead, - Their sad waters, sad and chilly With the snows of the lolling lily, - By the mountains - near the river Murmuring lowly, murmuring ever, - By the grey woods, - by the swamp Where the toad and the newt encamp, - By the dismal tarns and pools Where dwell the Ghouls, - By each spot the most unholy - In each nook most melancholy, - There the traveller meets aghast Sheeted Memories of the Past - Shrouded forms that start and sigh As they pass the wanderer by - White-robed forms of friends long given, In agony, to the Earth - and Heaven.
It is possible that although we did not observe otters rejecting prey, otters, similarly to garter-snakes, may also be able to determine whether or not a newt is safe to eat by "tasting" the newt and rejecting ones that are too toxic.
These intensive studies showed that a single water sample taken at any time during the newt breeding season of late April to June is almost certain to detect newts when present.
Their next meeting is this Saturday where more work on the newt project will take place.
Katharine then rushed the newt and salad back to Sainsbury's Holborn store.
In addition, the complexity of the newt life cycle cannot be overlooked.
Its home is an area of highland streams that go dry in the summer, when the newt estivates.
Yet this bizarre behaviour appears not to cause the newt any ill effects.
They were already stunned when a study suggested the newt population could be a grand total of one.
Armey is more on the Newt Gingrich, radical, disruptive side," says Frank.
Only a regal fool would cut a deal with the Newt who'd previously red-baited Tip O'Neill on the House floor.
Signatures for malicious Web sites, created by Avinti's iSolation Server and pulled from malware lists, are regularly forwarded to the NEWT agent, updating it with the latest threats.
Toxicity of dangerous prey: Variation of tetrodotoxin levels within and among populations of the newt Taricha granulosa.
HELPING HAND: An endangered Great Crested Newt and, right: volunteers, from left, Geoff Smith, David Ainley and Martin Longman work on the newt project
The newt was released into suitable habitat near the River Tyne at Newburn Riverside and Natural England staff said the tiny creature will find a new home.