the nanny state

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nanny state

A government or government policy that excessively controls, monitors, or interferes with people's private actions or behaviors that are deemed unhealthy or unsafe. Can be hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. The proposal to place steep taxes on foods and drinks high in added sugar is yet another instance of the nanny state trying to undermine personal choice and responsibility. How long before nanny-state policies like this one slide down the slippery slope into all-out control over our freedom of speech or religion?
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the ˈnanny state

(British English) a disapproving way of talking about the fact that government seems to get too involved in people’s lives and to protect them too much, in a way that limits their freedom: We’re living in a nanny state; the government watches over you for everything and nobody takes responsibility for their own actions anymore.
In this phrase, the state or government is being compared to a nanny, a woman whose job is to take care of young children, telling them what to do, how to behave, etc.
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To which the would-be Honourable Member replies (on behalf, no doubt, of a gullible and silent majority): "Obviously I see the need for proper protection where necessary - workplaces, public transport, schools and hospitals in particular - but this is the nanny state gone mad.
It won't take long for the fog of the nanny state argument to clear, leaving all of us, former smokers included, able to fill our lungs with fresh air.
He said: "If you act to make people safer you get accused of introducing the nanny state.
Dr Vivienne Nathanson, of the British Medical Association, said: "It's not the nanny state, it's the information state.
I have long advocated less of the nanny state, but that seems a thing of the past as they pick off one group at a time who do not meet the criteria for the Great Social Experiment.
SIR - Those smoking enthusiasts who so energetically denounce anti-smoking public health campaigners as possessing the nanny state mentality might just consider that those interfering busybodies are merely trying to protect the general public from the actions of those thoughtless and reckless individuals who care so little for the wellbeing and comfort of others.
John Cassidy, 28, bar supervisor, Benwell: The nanny state has gone too far.
People giving out about the Nanny State and sick of being told what to do.
Critics say it smacks of Big Brother and the nanny State.
In a rational world, the Republicans who decry the anti-tobacco campaign as another appendage of the nanny state would see through the PDFA campaign and reiterate their belief that Americans can be trusted to make informed choices.
Education as to how to best use common drugs is the answer - not the nanny state while we face a flu pandemic on the scale of the present outbreak".
THIS bid to ban smoking while driving is just another example of the nanny state gone mad.
A smoking ban makes me, as a non-smoker, want to keep the nanny state out of it.
This is not something brought about by the nanny state attempting to govern parental choice.
that means an active state, and so, on the nanny state, I say bring it on.