the morning after

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the morning after (the night before)

A hangover. A: "Ugh, I feel so sick." B: "Sounds like the morning after the night before to me. Weren't you out at the bar last night?"
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the morning ˈafter (the night beˈfore)

(informal) the morning after an occasion when somebody has drunk too much alcohol and is feeling tired, ill/sick, etc: She was suffering from the effects of the morning after.a morning-after headache
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the morning after

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morning after, the

The generally unpleasant consequences of a previous action or activity. The term originated in the late nineteenth century and at first referred exclusively to the aftereffects of a drinking bout; it often was put as the morning after the night before. By the mid-twentieth century it had been extended to include the consequences of any prior action, although it retained the negative implications of a hangover. It is also used in the colloquial name for an oral contraceptive taken after intercourse has occurred, the morning-after pill.
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