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Occasionally, committees will record meetings in order to help the minute-taker prepare the minutes. However, there is no need to do so, and recording may actually inhibit frank and open discussion amongst the committee members.
The minute-taker should prepare the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting, while everything is fresh in his or her mind.
This article focuses on the minutes and their production, but the minutes are by no means the sole source of public information about FOMC policymaking.
To dispel some confusion that arose in the midst of discussions with the Congress about information release and to simplify its procedures, the Committee decided to combine the content of the Record of Policy Actions and that of the Minutes of Action into a single document called the "Minutes of the FOMC Meeting." Also, the Committee agreed to construct lightly edited transcripts of its previous meetings from unedited transcripts dating back to 1976, which would be released to the public with a lag of about five years.
Coordinate all three disciplines of therapy to establish the minutes required to treat the resident, then establish the RUG category.
The minutes should reflect your plans for changing the dietary recommendations and how you intend to monitor the results the following month.
How do I obtain the minutes? When the minutes are released to the public, usually two days after the next FOMC meeting, they are simultaneously placed on the Board's public web site (www.federalreserve.gov/fomc).
Q: My consultant says that when you add up the minutes for rehab for the MDS, you need to round down to the number of minutes closest to the number of 15-minute units.
The minutes contain all important information about FOMC decisions, including the policy directive agreed upon by the majority and the reasons underlying policy decisions.