the lunatic fringe

lunatic fringe

The most extreme members or portion of a larger group of people. The group has widely been dismissed as the lunatic fringe of the religion, taking its most fundamentalist aspects and warping them into a cult-like ideology based on prejudice and hate. They're part of some lunatic fringe who believe that eating anything that dwells or grows above ground pollutes the body with toxins.
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the ˌlunatic ˈfringe

(disapproving) members of an organization or group who are more extreme than the others; extreme groups: It’s the lunatic fringe of the Animal Liberation Front which smashes the windows of butchers’ shops, not ordinary members like us.The word lunatic means crazy. It comes from the Latin word luna, meaning ‘moon’, because people believed that the changes in the moon caused temporary madness.
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lunatic fringe, the

A minority group who have what others consider very extreme beliefs. The term was first used (and perhaps coined) by Theodore Roosevelt in History as Literature (1913): “There is apt to be a lunatic fringe among the votaries of any forward movement.” At first used mainly for political extremists, the expression was later extended to other venues, as by Diana Ramsay in Deadly Discretion (1973): “Antique shops were magnets for the lunatic fringe.”
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The A-Lister used a variety of distractions including scheming his wife Maryse to slap him while also pushing the Lunatic Fringe to the referee to force disqualification.
Hundreds wanted him to put away for life while the lunatic fringe demand he be placed on death row.
Either way, the Lunatic Fringe is the perfect perch for Miika to sit and survey the desecrated terrain that lies in his wake.
Soccer violence should be played down by the Press as publicity seems to excite the lunatic fringe of the supporters into further violence.
THE Welsh Government now inhabits the lunatic fringe of British politics.
Every pro and con that could be aired has been repeated ad nauseam, from the lunatic fringe to the most learned and famous.
He added: "Once we start giving in to the lunatic fringe we would be as well packing up and going home.
THE magical powers of Wayne Rooney's mop-top are a matter of public record, but he's not the only member of the lunatic fringe on show in today's Manchester derby - and that spells goals.
The lunatic fringe was also in evidence, pointlessly hurling missiles at police lines so far removed from the Royal party that they were never going to have even the most limited impact on the day's events.
He is cursed with parents from well beyond the lunatic fringe and a senile granny.
Twenty years ago, when I first researched school councils as a young head, I was out on the lunatic fringe.
As usual with the lunatic fringe, UKIP have got it wrong.
Let's hope the lunatic fringe stay away on Tuesday night and allow Fergie's men to hit Roma where it really hurts - or risk mayhem at the return fixture in December.
His name has come up before in these pages; he's a guy who gives the lunatic fringe a bad name.
It would be easy to dismiss the Reconstructionists as the lunatic fringe, no more worrisome than the remnants of the Prohibition Party.