the luck of the devil

the luck of the devil

Extremely good luck or fortune. I can't believe I won the lottery and a radio contest in the same week—I have the luck of the devil! You'd need the luck of the devil to find a room to rent that's less than $800 a month in this city.
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luck of the devil

Also, luck of the Irish. Extraordinarily good fortune, as in You've the luck of the devil-that ball landed just on the line, or Winning the lottery-that's the luck of the Irish. These superstitious attributions of good fortune date from the first half of the 1900s.
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the luck of the ˈdevil


the luck of the ˈIrish

very good luck: You need the luck of the devil to get a seat on the train in the rush hour.It was the luck of the Irish that saved him.
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luck of the devil/draw/Irish

Fortuitous blessings, good fortune. Good luck (and bad luck) have long been regarded superstitiously, associated with supernatural forces (the devil), a particular group (the Irish), or pure chance (the random drawing of a card or cards). The luck of the draw appears in print only in the second half of the twentieth century; the luck of the Irish is older, appearing, for example, in Lee Thayer’s The Sinister Mark (1923).
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Referring to Everton's win over West Ham, watched by Allardyce who was confirmed as manager the following day (above), Parish added: "He has the luck of the devil. He sits in the stand and they win 4-0 from being abject, so bring me a lucky general.
At times, Tommy and the delightfully-named Tuppence (Jessica Raine), despite being essentially clueless and out of their depth, enjoyed the luck of the devil as they got into, and then out of, scrape after scrape - it was a bit like watching a Famous Five adventure.
At the same time, Fortnum possessed extraordinarily good judgement and that absolute prerequisite of all the best collectors, the luck of the devil. His first purchase, in 1848, was the ravishing Inkstand: Pan listening to Echo (Fig.
Macclesfield manager Keith Alexander bemoaned his side's luck, adding: "Rochdale just had the luck of the devil and if they continue to get those sorts of breaks they will be dead certs for promotion.'' Dale's Keith Hill said: "I thought we dominated the first half."
Martin O'Neill and the team have had the luck of the devil and it will run out sooner or later of course.
"I had the luck of the devil with the way it turned out," he said.
The 15ft theatre backdrop depicting Parisian rooftops was used for a production of The Luck of the Devil in London in 1939.
THE luck of the Devil carried AC Milan to a Champions League Final clash with Liverpool.
I look at the title "The Luck of the Devil." I try to make sense.
It turns out Rix had not lost the luck of the devil, supported through a trauma of his own making by colleagues determined to see him back as though nothing had happened and slag off his victim in the process.
The only objective Martin O'Neill can sensibly envisage for this season is to finish in the top 17, in which laudable pursuit he has had the luck of the devil to have the devoted support of at least three London clubs.
ENGLAND buried the ghost of Vienna along with the fall guy figure of David James last night - and they did it with the luck of the devil.
Most of our elected officials seem to have the luck of the devil.