the luck of the Irish

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the luck of the Irish

Extremely good luck or fortune. I can't believe I won the lottery and a radio contest in the same week—I must have the luck of the Irish!
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luck of the Irish

luck associated with the Irish people. (Also said as a catch phrase for any kind of luck.) Bill: How did you manage to do it, Jeff. Jeff: It's the luck of the Irish, I guess.
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the luck of the Irish

very good luck.
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luck of the devil/draw/Irish

Fortuitous blessings, good fortune. Good luck (and bad luck) have long been regarded superstitiously, associated with supernatural forces (the devil), a particular group (the Irish), or pure chance (the random drawing of a card or cards). The luck of the draw appears in print only in the second half of the twentieth century; the luck of the Irish is older, appearing, for example, in Lee Thayer’s The Sinister Mark (1923).
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THE LUCK of the Irish was alive and well last night as Brendan Murray soared through to next week's live shows.
AS the nation's attention shifts away from the World Cup to this year's Premier League campaign, Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez is looking to the luck of the Irish as he takes his squad to Kildare for some pre-season training.
But, as the luck of the Irish would have it, radio personality David Bloomer's package contained something extra ...
Crew Costa isn't Irish, but for a kid from the school of hard knocks, he's had the luck of the Irish with his chain of faux-Irish pubs, O'Shaughnessy's Shenanigans.
The Luck of the Irish had a noble mission during World War II that led one Air Heritage volunteer on his own mission to learn its history.
The Luck of the Irish Suite Deal B&B Discount Package includes two optional offers: Stay 2 nights and receive 2nd night 1/2 off Sunday through Thursday or Stay 3 nights any day of the week and receive the 3rd night free.
SHANE LOWRY claimed he had the luck of the Irish after nailing his first hole-in-one in the US at the 16th at Augusta.
The luck of the Irish shone on VMH A, as a break of 32 from the in-form Ireland left their B team rivals feeling blue in a comfortable 5-2 derby win.
WILD IRELAND (ITV, 8pm) PERHAPS it's the luck of the Irish, but Christine Bleakley, inset, has been having a jolly good time roaming around her home country for this travelogue.
The Eye network has already managed to wring more life than anticipated out of the similarly boisterous "The Millers," but it will require the luck of the Irish to replicate that feat with this bunch.
Nicky's been in the dance-off twice and, as Michael and I concluded: "Three dance-offs and you're off." The luck of the Irish may be about to run out.
It was the luck of the Irish, or Welsh, for drinkers in Camden as Sir Tom Jones took to a local pub for a surprise show, amazing the unsuspecting audience.
We are excited to celebrate the luck of the Irish with our first St Patrick's Day Beer and Music Fest that is sure to offer something fun for everyone.'
Racegoers will be hoping for the luck of the Irish in the feature race, The Go Racing in Yorkshire Summer Festival Handicap Stakes - a contest for three-year-olds over one mile and a quarter.
We'll be relying on the luck of the Irish to prevent a bumper payout."