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1. adjective Dishonest or unfair; vile or despicable; contemptible. Always used prenominally. The guy I've been seeing turned out to be a low-down, cheating rat! You're nothing but a low-down coward, you know that? My low-down boss fired me, even though it was his mistake that lost us the client!
2. noun The truth, facts, or most pertinent information about something. OK, here's the low-down: I've got a great business opportunity lined up, but I need to borrow a few thousand dollars to get it off the ground. This is Jane—she'll give you the low-down on day-to-day tasks around the office.

*lowdown (on someone or something)

the full story about someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I need to get the lowdown on John. Is he still an accountant? Sally wants to get the lowdown on the new pension plan. Please tell her all about it.

the lowdown on

The whole truth about something, as in We're waiting to hear the lowdown on what happened after we left. This term uses lowdown in the sense of "the basic or fundamental part." [Slang; early 1900s]
See also: lowdown, on


1. mod. rotten; bad. What a dirty, lowdown thing to do.
2. n. the facts on something; the scuttlebutt about something. What’s the lowdown on that funny statue in the park?
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mt tt t THE LOWDOWN BURNLEY: Pope, Lowton, Long, Mee, Taylor, Lennon, Cork, Hendrick, Gudmundsson, Barnes, Vokes SOUTHAMPTON: McCarthy, Cedric, Stephens, Hoedt, Bertrand, Romeu, Davis, Ward-Prowse, Tadic, Redmond, Carrillo REF: Bobby Madley HEAD2HEAD: Burnley 21 wins, Southampton 20, draws 14 ODDS: Burnley 19/10, Southampton 9/5, draw 21/10 " Saints are in the relegation zone after winning only five league games all season, two against WBA.
Surprise: The Lowdown cast includes Bob Geraghty (Paul Denny), Alex Burchill (Adam Zwar), Dr James Sawers (Dailan Evans), Rita Heywood (Beth Buchanan).
6&7 DIY Donny Our expert gives the lowdown on the tools of the trade with a list of the basic kit needed for all those essential jobs around the house.
CDATA[ Here is the lowdown on the Defense Minister.
I find nothing to disagree with in Heidi Bruggink's "Miseducation: The Lowdown on Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed Programs" (January/February 2007).
Richard McBrien's Lives of the Popes (HarperSanFrancisco) not only gives readers the lowdown on each pope's life but also his burial.
Para 17-19 of TM 9-2320-364-20-5 has the lowdown on replacing the insulation.
Well, this book has the lowdown on the other things to do when in Orlando including Sea World, The Holy Land, shopping, Busch Gardens in Tampa, nightlife, and a lot more.
This book has the lowdown on over 100 cool vids you can match to any mood.
In our first feature of the new "Teach-Learn Connection," Joseph Carman gets the lowdown on the Balanchine technique from some of his famous disciples, settling once and for all the question of whether the heels should touch the ground in jumps.
The lowdown Flaked cereals are higher in salt than others, bread contains 0.
There are several channels such as "Feel at Home," where you can find a good recipe or learn about decorating; "Looking Good," which includes everything from shopping tips to styling your hair; as well as a channel called "Time to Spare," featuring the lowdown on books and entertainment.
It gives you the lowdown on level sensors--small devices costing as little as a couple of hundred dollars, which can save you big headaches.
It's your chance to get the lowdown on what really went on behind the scenes of England's World Cup triumph.
Recently, with the help of modern technology, Walzl managed to get the lowdown on hornet nightlife.